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the 5 mistakes you make in social media and expose your!!

The social media instantly became an integral part of the online world and changed it forever…..

They became part of our everyday lives, extension of social relationships, work tool.

Daily upload your photos on social media; Did video with your child; Whenever you somewhere, to check in; You swear a "name" below the post;

If yes, then you should know that these and others can expose you. And trouble, even in judicial adventures.

view, what are these!!

1.. If you upload to Facebook or Instagram a photo irrelevant that you found on the internet (even if it's a funny old photo of a cat) You can create your trouble.

The photos, circulating on the Internet may be subject to copyright. And as chance may look like your unlikely, Nevertheless, the owner can find it and make use of its right of copyright. Which means it can even submit a lawsuit against you.

2.. Blaming through social media one or a former.

As hurt if you're a breakup, and if "thirsty" for revenge, and if you want to hurt each other, by exposing him publicly, all that you can achieve, is to expose themselves. and indeed, you risk legal trouble and adventures if the former decides to sue you for defamation.

3.. Make abusive, racist and slanderous comments under the post any longer a public figure.

He has every right to take legal action against you, when attacks go beyond.

4.. Do you tag a friend, or a friend in your post that may offend him or expose.

If for example, upload a video or a picture of a content can cause, Never tagkarete other. Unless you want to take your "good morning".

5.. And finally, do not forget the dangers, when you check in at your current location, when you show where your house,

when you are writing negative comments about your job, when you upload photos or videos of your children. And generally, when sharing personal information on social media, which can be exploited by cunning.

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