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the 6 dominant trends for hotels in 2020!!

Revealing reportage of our Travel market Report presents trends and trends that will prevail in the hotels 2020……..

The 6 major trends are:

1. Farewell carpets

According to hotel director and professor at NYU Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality, Bjorn Hanson, travelers will notice the new year that hardwood floors will replace the carpets in hotels.

While cost more in their establishment, last longer and have lower maintenance costs.

2. Extended presence emergency buttons

Some hotels in urban centers have already introduced such buttons to be used by maids, However, the devices will be more widely to all workers, according to Hanson.

3. Cleanliness

There will be more motivated visitors to ask fewer cleaning services, such as discounts and loyalty points programs.

Some hotels with low prices have already implemented this practice.

Although the visitors felt so save cost hotels, The main reason for this practice is the lack of available workers.

4. Visitors with consciousness for environmental protection

Responsibility for the environment and sustainability are increasingly coming into focus of travelers.

The percentage of travelers who took custody order last twelve months based at least partly on their perceptions of the environmental policies of the travel services provider, increased from 8% last year 13% this year.

While these numbers are still relatively small, almost doubled in one year, said Chris Davidson, EVP of MMGY Global strategist.

5. Upgraded offerings at breakfast

More renewed and upgraded breakfast offerings planned for 2020.

The brand that had no hot breakfast will soon have, and those that were now providing more advanced options.

It is a challenge for hotels, because it is an additional cost and guests are not willing to pay more for it.

For the mid-range brand, Breakfast costs 3,90 dollars per visitor, from 3,50 dollars per visitor and most expensive brand will have higher costs than 4 in 5 dollars at a time when the owners are not looking for ways of increasing costs.

6. Popularity of soft brands

What defines a brand was the uniform standards, everything from the decor to the menu was the same.

Plus uniformity has become more negative element and hotels recognize the local culture and incorporate design and food and beverage options.

This has given impetus to soft brand, where their unique commonality is the price and service level.

The soft brand allow a hotel company to win market share room.

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