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International MME «comment» upcoming elections, Next Greek Government!! What write about Tsipras – Mitsotakis

Extensive reports on election Sunday!!

While the election campaign in Greece reaches the end of the International Media dealing with the Greek elections and of course they put in their heart Alexis Tsipras and Kyriakos Mitsotakis……

The echoes: «Last but not least»

"At the edge of the cliff than four years ago, Greece has recovered. But SYRIZA, the prime minister's party Alexis Tsipras, probably will be defeated by the conservative Kyriakos Mitsotakis in parliamentary elections Sunday ", writes the French Les Echos in an editorial Jacques Hubert Rodion entitled: 'Greek paradox ".

"The “Grexitείναι ένας μακρινός εφιάλτης. The Greek economy has stabilized. The country even has a primary budget surplus.

«Last but not least»: After eight years of economic dependence, that Greece has to the supervision of the IMF, the ECB and the Brussels, the 2018.

also reached, agreement on the name of Macedonia with the former Yugoslav Republic, that although challenged, adopted by the Greek Parliament.

Yet four years after coming to power in Athens, Alexis Tsipras and his SYRIZA party, a coalition of the radical left, will lose snap elections Sunday, for the benefit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Conservative leader of New Democracy, juveniles also, a Greek political dynasty "says French newspaper.

'The explanations for the electoral defeat of Tsipras'

'The explanations for the electoral defeat of Tsipras are many "writes Les Echos:

A large part of the electoral body does not forgive the conversion of the 2015, when, in order not to conflict with the creditors of Greece, accepted an austerity plan.

Most social measures in recent months, including increasing the minimum wage, They came too late and was not enough.

Because Tsipras has now been abandoned by the middle class that was taxed heavily but has benefited – still; – the economic recovery.

His opponent appears as a liberal in favor of tax cuts and public sector reforms, he started, when he was minister (2012-2014) the conservative government Samaras.

But current success is mainly due to the rejection of Tsipras and less on a positive vote.

Ancient Greece brought the democratic world.

Greece today gives him a political lesson. So, populism that embodied by Syriza, He was able to seize power denouncing helter skelter IMF, European Union or the elite.

But the harsh reality, this power, imposed quickly, superceding of wishful thinking.

It is understood that Alexis Tsipras, even if today is paying the political cost.

The other lesson is already known. As was the case in Germany with the Social Democratic government of Gerhard Schroeder and the liberalization of the labor market with the Hartz laws or the United Kingdom Tony Blair and the definition of a third way, the left – in the case of Greece, the extreme left – They are able to pass liberal measures without causing major social movements.

End, Last lesson: excessive demagoguery does not pay for long.

The electoral defeat of rebellious French or Podemos remind. Tsipras is likely to be defeated. But the lessons will not be forgotten, necessarily, "the French newspaper

Le Figaro: "The slow adjustment of the Greek economy"

"Pressed to be reformed in full economic recession, Greece has not changed as much as it should.

Progress is there, real, but partial and insufficient to make this economy, destroyed by the bankruptcy of the state, a eurozone market open and competitive ", appreciates the French Le Figaro.

Among the verifiable changes, It is to reduce the number of civil servants: almost 20% fewer than 2010, but they remain poorly distributed among ministries they need, such as the Ministry of Health and Finance and those that are redundant:

"There are still administrations, even at local level where people do nothing ", says the Figaro Mr.. Constantine Michalos, president of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens.

"It remains to build an evaluation policy for civil servants and a mobility scheme, which is still regarded as a punishment ".

Supported by French officials, The Greek government has created a comprehensive list of jobs. The Greek state now knows the number of civil servants employed by, their responsibilities and the salary received.

"Indicators on the green"

The Figaro writes that "three key numbers confirm the good health of the Greek economy. Foreign investment has tripled since 2015.

Last year amounted to 3,6 billion. euro, increased by 13,8% compared to 2017.

"Last year we approved plans so many previous five years", says Gregory Stergioulis, president of the government agency Enterprise Greece.

The investments mainly focused on tourism, who also registered a visitor record in Greece last year, with 33 million visitors.

Exports of goods and services accounted for 36% of GDP last year, against 19% the 2009. A stunning performance for a country where less than 2% companies are actually exporting.

End, for the first time 2018, the number of start-ups, 35.400, exceeded the number of closures, 17.850, while industrial production continued to increase, gradually decreasing unemployment ".

Professor George Pagoulatou interview to Figaro

Interview with professor of European politics and economics at George Pagoulatou Athens University, on the upcoming elections published by Le Figaro.

O k.Pagoulatos argues that the dominance of the New Republic was expected in recent elections, but not so far and it refers to a number of reasons why Syriza lost the election charm: four years in power cause physical damage, excessive promises have not materialized, negotiations in the first half of 2015 that led to the July referendum with huge financial cost resulting from their capital controls imposed, the closure of banks and the loss 25 billion of state shares in banks.

"At that time the promises were not respected and the cost of trading was heavy", says Mr.. Pagoylatos, noting that a significant part of the January elections 2015 he felt lost, betrayed, discouraged and another began to realize that he did not want this kind of policy.

The Prespa Agreement also caused substantial losses to coalition government, especially in northern Greece, but not only. And Tsipras had already let the voters of the alliance with ANEL (which ended just a few months ago).

End, fires last summer in the eye and loss of hundreds of lives seriously tarnished the image of SYRIZA government, not only because it could have been avoided, but also because the government tried to profit politically. For New Republic and Kyriakos Mitsotakis Giorgos Pagoylatos notes that benefited from an electorate very disappointed SYRIZA because of the mismatch between promises and results.

The ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis politically managed to convince voters that is reliable with respect to markets, able to attract investment and reduce taxes for all social categories that reforms.

Referring to Alexis Tsipras and the kind of opposition that will bring in the coming years, Mr.. Pagoylatos claims that are still very young and able to have a long future in politics.

Maintain control of his party, because there is someone able and willing to cause the succession, contrary to,what happened to all the other Prime Ministers who have been unsuccessful in the past. "I will try to lead again to win SYRIZA.

But the real test will be to find out what kind of opposition will bring. I expect that it will be closer to social democracy (…) but I think having a four years experience in government can not return to an opposition so excessive as 2015.

He wants to be the main force of the center-left.

Regarding Syriza evolved much with him, It must be redefined from the ideological point of view and to find the space in the heart of the European Left ".

DOES:The Mitsotakis promises heaven with tastra

OR Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an article in the Sunday elections in Greece states including:

"At his beginings 2015 Tsipras was elected to the agenda arguing against the political establishment.

but disappointed his voters because SYRIZA quickly behaved like traditional parties, particularly as,Regarding sureness followers of the public.

Hopes for economic recovery failed to materialize.

In two points but Tsipras is not deviated from the ideological principles: both left almost unchanged in the public sector which burden the budget and other, as an opponent of capitalism, It is not willing to proceed to a substantial improvement in the private sector Framework for Action.

So did not encourage large investments, mainly foreign companies, but undermined the while kolysiergouse and scope of privatization.

Instead, during his tenure taxation of self-employed jumped to 80% leading enterprises transferred abroad or pushed in the informal economy.

Instead of fulfilling the requirements of lenders for fiscal consolidation through structural reforms, Tsipras invest in more and higher taxes for the few taxpayers.

What will Mitsotakis in Macedonian;

In contrast Mitsotakis promises the sky with the stars. He wants to cut taxes, to lift their capital controls and yet to meet its ambitious fiscal targets. This will not work.

The Mitsotakis but seems to share the view that the 50% the economy is psychology.

Concern is the fact that during the election campaign the Mitsotakis promised to renegotiate the agreement with Northern Macedonia who wisely and courageously succeeded Tsipras.

This would constitute a setback for Greece and stability in southeastern Europe.

It is unclear if he wants to really do or you just trying to attract voters mainly in northern Greece.

The agreement is one of the few positives of Tsipras 'office'.

The New Zurich Times: Overtaxation of middle class

In the over-taxation of the middle class focuses publication of the Swiss Neue Zürcher Zeitung pointed out that the elections will not be judged by the great achievements of Alexis Tsipras in the foreign policy field, but by economic issues.

«[…] The achievements in foreign policy did not play a role in the election campaign, neither positive, nor negative.

Even in the north, where most reactions were in agreement with Northern Macedonia, the issue does not appear to judge the elections.

Financial problems are those more concerned citizens and explaining the desire for change ".

BBC: Five key issues are the focus of the election

"The Greeks come back to the polls Sunday, just a month after the crash suffered by the ruling party of the radical left SYRIZA from conservative New Democracy, European elections "writes the BBC's website.

"The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, 44 years, who came to power six years ago with a rhetoric against austerity, launched early elections.

This is the sixth, in order, election since the global financial crisis erupted in 2008 and polls show the Conservatives are heading for a big win.

Here are some of the key issues at the heart of elections:

1. Austerity and the promises that were not kept

The Greeks claimed the party Tsipras January 2015, Responders on his promise to end austerity.

However, only found in power Tsipras began to implement and that the painful rescue measures imposed by the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in a chaotic year marked by closing banks and successive votes.

The Greeks suffered greatly, as between 2008 and 2016 The Greek economy shrank 28% and rising unemployment dropped many Greeks into poverty.

The impact was dramatic SYRIZA. The fact that Greece 'has’ from the rescue program in August 2018 and growth has now returned, undoubtedly as a result of the budgetary discipline policy, not been able to make the government more popular.

2. The Greeks are turning to conservative

Syriza came to power with an aggressive rhetoric against the establishment, but he has disappointed many supporters, especially young.

Young Greeks now pinning their future conservatives. In the European elections in May, the highest rate of youth aged 18-24eton (30,5%) He supported the center-right New Democracy party of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, which had lost the power of SYRIZA in 2015.

The age 51 years K. Mitsotakis promises lower taxes, more privatization of public services and make plans to renegotiate the agreement with the creditors of Greece to be allowed to reinvest more money in the country. A.. Tsipras has also promised more investment and recently increased pensions.

3. Macedonia-Greece: How resolved a dispute 27 years

The popularity of Mr.. Tsipras further undermined by a deeply unpopular deal that ended a conflict that lasted three decades between Greece and its northern neighbor regarding the name.

Specifically, in January, controlled by SYRIZA Parliament adopted a landmark agreement to rename the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia into Northern Macedonia.

But according to polls, two thirds of Greeks reject this agreement.

After the mass demonstrations against the agreement, Mitsotakis attempted to capitalize on popular discontent characterizing the agreement as a "betrayal".

The far right and denounced that the Members who supported the agreement as "traitors".

The Mitsotakis course personally involved in this story, as his father's government, Constantine Mitsotakis, had collapsed 1993 just because of the name dispute.

4. Troubleshooting migration

The 2015, The EU and Turkey have signed an agreement aimed to limit the number of immigrants arriving in Greece.

Since, there was a dramatic drop in the number of refugees and immigrants coming to Greece, although flows continue either by sea or by land.

So far this year, according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), they have come 18.294 Refugees in Greece.

Most of those crossing Turkey fleeing Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both Samos and Lesbos were charged much by the presence of migrants and R. Mitsotakis visited accommodation centers on both islands, accusing the Prime Minister that it was unable to ensure compliance with Turkey Agreement.

Specifically Samos prevails overcrowded at a center hosting around 650 Immigrants, who live under poor conditions in makeshift huts and tents.

Residents are angry, tourists shun the island and because of overcrowding in Greek Immigration Department threatened to close the center.

The opposition leader also accuses Syriza government that does not have funds to address the crisis and promises to reduce the number of migrants hosted in reception centers on the islands.

5. A devastating fire hired political dimensions

Last summer, a deadly fire hit the village Eye on the east coast of Greece – an area not far from Athens and is a popular destination for tourists.

The huge fire trapped people in their homes and their cars, while others fell into the sea to escape the flames.

Many did not accomplish and 100 people died.

The government blamed the illegal construction that blocked the escape of people in danger, but in the days following the tragedy, It revealed a multitude of errors on the part of the authorities.

The government's handling Mitsotakis led him to demand the resignation of both those who had the political responsibility of those and those who had the responsibility to organize the reaction of the state apparatus.

"I really wonder how some people can sleep now and continue to perform their duties as if nothing was wrong", stated features.

The reactions were widely raised that targeted the handling of the crisis by the same prime minister, who, in turn, She accused him of trying to hijacked tragedy.

In March of this year, finally charged against 20 people for the tragedy, including policies, police and firemen.

A report prosecutors noted that "there was a total lack of communication, chaos and collapse of the system "and that those responsible have committed" criminal punishable errors and omissions in the fire management "emphasizes the BBC.

Economist: Mr.. Mitsotakis will have to make some choices if you want to lead Greece ahead

"The city of Serres belongs in old Greece: neat, traditional, patriotic.

The city is a stronghold of the conservative party New Democracy (ND), where the founder was born of, Konstantinos Karamanlis "writes the British Economist magazine and adds:

"So it was natural Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Chairman of the party and the likely next prime minister of Greece, to choose based on the last weekend of the campaign before the elections of July 7.

Mr.. Mitsotakis is dear here.

The applause followed him around Serres and was filled with requests for selfies.

A man ran from a cafe to catch his hand:

"My Prime Minister!" Here, near the northern border of Greece, It is especially popular for trying to prevent the Greek Prime Minister's agreement, A. Tsipras.

Η Πρώην Γιουγκοσλαβική Δημοκρατία της Μακεδονίας μετονομάστηκε σε “Northern Macedonia” προκειμένου να διευθετηθεί μια μακρόχρονη διαμάχη.

The change, said Mr.. Mitsotakis and his supporters, undermines the identity and integrity of the Greek region of Macedonia.

The agreement, however, He has now passed.

When wreath, the crowd spontaneously sings "Famous Macedonia", a military song associated with the Greek claims about the name.

[..] It's OK. Mitsotakis suitable for sending;

The recovery of Greece belies how vulnerable the position of an economic recession and a new European debt crisis, which may be due to budget theatrics Italy.

In this scene, return to pre-season Tsipras would be disastrous.

[…] Mr.. Mitsotakis can win a majority this weekend.

The party already controls 12 from the 13 regions in Greece.

He has many political capital and should use.

[…] Mr.. Mitsotakis will have to make some choices if you want to lead Greece ahead.

Whether it has the courage to persist remains to be seen, "says Economist.

The Telegraph: Affirms the culture of start -up companies ,since Athens begins moving away from the "financial Armageddon"

«Η κουλτούρα των νεοσύστατων επιχειρήσεων μοιάζει πλέον εδραιωμένη καθώς η Αθήνα αρχίζει να απομακρύνεται από τονοικονομικό Αρμαγεδδώναγράφει η βρετανική Telegraph.

The «The Cube Athens», business incubator startups, Athens is not in California.

The technology sector is doing extremely well, there is a huge shortage of computer programmers in Athens but rapidly growing software development centers for education of those interested in the area, said Mr.. Messina, of the founders of The Cube.

The state of the economy will be the key issue in Sunday's election in general elections likely to lead to a humiliating defeat and victory of SYRIZA for competitors of the center-right New Democracy.

The overall rate of unemployment in Greece has fallen by 28% in about 18 %.

But the recovery is still weak and in no way felt by all Greeks.

Millions of people are affected by unemployment, the pension cuts and taxes soared.

Only 4 countries saw their economies shrink more than that of Greece the last 10 years: Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Yemen and Venezuela.

In Varvakeio Market, in the center of Athens, there is little evidence that people have more money in the market -the pocket is dead, says Ali Asghar who works there.

We can neither our expenses to cover, says fishmonger C.. Kasidokostas.

All this is bad news for SYRIZA.

ND has promised to cut taxes, to proceed with privatization and attract foreign investment.

Whether Greece has the money to fund these projects is questionable, but the message resonates with many voters.

However, Mr.. Messina's The Cube says he will vote for the ruling party because he wants stability and continuity: They did not make it bad, there are still many people who suffer, but I think now people smile more and I'm optimistic about the future, term trend is towards recovery, είμαι πεπεισμένος για αυτόγράφει η βρετανική εφημερίδα.

SZ: Besides Alexis Tsipras, nobody seems to believe in a victory of the left

"In the elections Sunday, conservatives will probably earn Besides Alexis Tsipras, nobody seems to believe in a victory of the left ", writes the German SZ.

Perhaps many Greeks simply had different expectations from a left party, the "Coalition of the Radical Left".

Many thought that this Prime Minister is in contact with the rich in the country.

For example, with owners, who according to the Constitution does not pay taxes, αλλά μόνο μιαεθελοντική εισφοράστον κρατικό προϋπολογισμό.

Austrian TV: power shift underway Appearance

"On Sunday, Greeks will vote for a new Parliament composition.

Power change view enroute "appreciates the Austrian television ORF.

The conservative opposition expects election victory, while the left Tsipras struggling for political survival.

The 48 year old leader of the party "Greek Solution", Kyriakos Velopoulos hopes for a similar miracle of July, as the result of the EU elections, although it claims to have hand written personal letters of Jesus.

The barrier to entry in Greek parliament is the election threshold 3%, although not impossible to play a key role in the country's political, based on the outcome of the recent outcome of.

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