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The Holy Week rites table until Easter Sunday!!

In some places the Easter table remains paved for three days, while throwing the crumbs f’ vines spread in’ These abundance of Easter table. The customs and traditions that accompany…….

Easter table is many!!Easter table is many!!

Let's take a look at the main Greek culinary traditions of Holy Week

Food Holy Week marked by abstinence and fasting. The fans are loyal for the whole week (if not throughout Lent) from oil, meat and all animal derivatives, but on the evening of Holy Saturday and culminating at midday Easter, table filled with delicacies and becomes the main protagonist.

Women make lamprokouloures in the oven Gioras, Mykonos

At Mykonos Easter is celebrated with great pomp. Holy Week in homes and make the ovens the breads Easter or lamprokouloures with intricate shapes and decorate with red eggs for Easter Saturday.

photo: Panorea Galata, by Dimitri Koutsoukou file

photo: Panorea Galata, by Dimitri Koutsoukou file

photo: Panorea Galata, by Dimitri Koutsoukou file

Ο φούρναρης ο Γιάννης οΨύλοςμε τα ανήψια του Πέτρο και Παναγιώτη Ζουγανέλης συνεχίζουν την παράδοση…….

Holy Week make the houses and ovens lamprokouloures with intricate shapes and decorate with red auga… The handing out and put on the table on Holy Saturday.

On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, ovens give the bread its shape Cross and symbolically cut a valve memberI said not wanting the day to use knife…..

The M. Thursday, red eggs and kneading

The M. Thursday is the day celebrated the Last Supper, becomes the "Crucifixion of Christ" in the church and decorated the whole evening the Epitaph. It is a day of mourning in which several countries, usual eggs stained red, and for this reason in many places called Red Thursday or Kokkinopefti.

Red eggs symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ that dripped when the soldier pierced the Pomaios the cross. For many crack Easter egg symbolizes the Resurrection, as the egg is the symbol of life. When the egg shell broken with crack, born a new life, while for others it symbolizes the breaking of the tomb of the Christ.

Every Christian feast has its own bread in various places in Greece, brings power at home, luck and blessing. So the morning of M. Thursday, in many homes the women occupy themselves with kneading. Knead buns and Koulourakia.
On the same day made and Easter breads with various herbs.
Their names vary depending on the shape and giving them depending on the region. said koutsouna, kouzounakia, panniers, baskets, Bows, Avgoulas, lamprokouloures. The brioche is multiplayer progression lamprokouloures.
In many homes in the province this day and spread a red cloth on the balcony or in the home window that symbolizes the blood of Christ, while the housewives do not usually wash, not spread and do housework.

The M. Friday and vinegar ...

Megalovdomadiatikis culmination of fasting is the M "menu". Friday, wherein not only selected fasting food, but also used in foods abundant vinegar, as a sign of faith in Christ who gave him to drink vinegar.

Some of the characteristic of the M dishes. Friday is the aladi lentils with plenty of vinegar, the tachinosoupa and green salad watered with plenty of vinegar. certainly never, not missing the bread and olives on the table.

Even today, There are villages where people do not even pave table M.. Friday and do not eat sweets in mourning. indeed many, They believe that no one should catch in his hands this day, hammer or needle, because it is considered a sin.

Koroni, Great. Friday morning, children with a cross in his hand, They wander from house to house and telling the Passion of Christ and the housewives filefoun with pretzels, red eggs or money, while in Kastoria, children get the church the wooden dove effigy there, to hang in a timber, decorate with flowers and parade in homes where they gather gifts and red eggs.

The day ends with the procession of the Epitaph and collecting flowers from the decoration of the considered blessed and which are mounted on the icon of your home or amulets made from the most traditional.

On Holy Saturday, the first resurrection and the soup

Although according to our religion, the Resurrection is celebrated in the Church in the morning, most continue fasting until 12 at midnight, when we light our candles with the Holy Light and transfer at home to bring luck.

The night after the Resurrection, The Greek families across the country are preparing the intestines and spit with lamb or kid will bake the following morning and eat the traditional soup and clink red eggs painted by M.. Thursday.

The soup is a traditional soup is the first dish containing meat after fasting of Lent. Cooked with vegetables, anise, offal of lamb and rice.

Made mostly with vegetables, the soup is what,what to stomach so many days abstained from meat. indeed many, Bake in oven and gardoumpes or goat with potatoes for a greater variety of flavors.

The Easter Sunday and local customs

The lamb is spit course, the great protagonist of Easter table but the whole day, as many hours of preparation required to get well done to our table.

The lamb except the "lamb of God" of church teaching, symbolizes the lamb, the Passover lamb to be cooked in the traditional way on a spit and eaten by the whole family.

Many say that the custom of spit lamb comes from the traditions of the Jews who actually painted the entrance of their homes with the blood of the sacrificial lamb, flat’ representation of the output night from Egypt. The sacrificial lamb was "lamb on the spit", symbolizing the "lamb" of God who sacrificed himself for humanity.

In the Jewish Easter dinner there except meat, bitter herbs to commemorate the bitterness of slavery in Egypt, wine, and unleavened bread to remind the hasty departure from Egypt.

In GREECE, usual that day men are in the morning in the courtyard and indulge at the turn of lamb, while women in the kitchen to prepare the accessories ...: potatoes, salad, tzatziki, pies and everything,else put your mind.

Apart from the traditional lamb, in many parts of Greece customs vary, with small or large deviations. Main protagonist but, in any case remains the lamb on the mainland and the kid in the Aegean.

For example, in Mykonos Easter Sunday at the table, there are all Traditional food, roast on Easter day, sour and louza, onion, meatballs, fried chicken livers and red eggs.
in Andros Easter lamb (sometimes kid) Lampriatis is said and done in the oven stuffed with vegetables and rice.
at Naxos one can find the traditional "batoudo", i.e. goat stuffed with offal, vegetables, rice, eggs and cheese baked in the oven.
The Easter lamb on Sifnos baked in "mastelo", i.e. in a clay pot with dill and local red wine.
in Karpathos becomes again the oven with rice, groats and offal.

Each Roditis It feels good to kill his home on Easter a lamb, who say Paskati or Lamprioti. Το παραγεμίζουν με χοντρό σιτάρι αλεσμένο στον μύλο και το ψήνουν στον φούρνο.

In the same context moving other aigaiopelagitika islands like Samos, or Icaria and the Lesvos, that make the lamb or goat stuffed baked.

in Kythnos Easter is a big island feast usually accompanied by marriages with old charm. At lunch served following the "alifonia", wild pikroradika, and the famous "pizzicato", μυζηθροπιτάκια με κανέλα και μέλι.

in Continent They tend to make pies and custard.

The custom of seasonal cheese is general in Greece and observed mainly in the islands, which made every year at this time a cheese like cheese, which is mainly used in the preparation of sweets.

In Northern Greece, central position in the kitchen occupies meat. Thessaly, Epirus and Macedonia, για παράδειγμα συνηθίζουν να γεμίζουν αυτές τις ημέρες την αρνίσια μπόλια με εντόσθια και χόρτα και να την μαγειρεύουν με σάλτσα ντομάτας ή να την ψήνουν στον φούρνο.

The largest Easter celebration but, made in Livadia with the "pits of fun".

Livadia so anyway famous for 'goodies' and particularly for the lamb. Rows with outdoor spits take place and all the people together to the "return" pinching and drinking for hours.
On Holy Saturday already, opened the "pits" which is filled with branches and Easter day from morning, the biggest, At the age, member of the family, firing the torch of resurrection in the branches below the pit corresponding to the family.
While the branches are on fire, lambs are placed on top and the feast begins. All the rest of the day continues with a lot of wine and endless folk songs.

Caution, in overconsumption and Happy Easter!!

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