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The Trump Putin and games with the French elections

"I do not know what kind of weapons will become the Third World, but the Fourth World War will be with stones and wood ".

This famous dictum Albert Einstein increasingly coming to the fore, with, often desperate and agonized- attempts by the US and Russian leaders strive to create a climate of destabilization in Europe for private gain.

So to paraphrase big natural, the Third World War, probably, will become weapons ideologies. And the more hardline, so much better.

And this is something I know both Vladimir Putin, as though the Donald Trump -powers and "flirting" with the "black world" of European extreme right.

Each xenophobic Marine Le Pen, every far-right Hertha Wilders and every hateful Viktor Orban, who are -ekousios or involuntarily- their political puppets in their grandiose plans.

Why, inevitably, above all have one thing in common: extreme ideology and wildly (end)right political rhetoric: all of them are devotees of "ethnic homogeneity against globalization", of "Christianity versus Islam" and supporters of the theory that "the West collapses of residing without authorization, like the Roman Empire ".

And, let's make no mistake, and everyone will put their own building block in this perspective.

Starting with the French elections.

Le Pen-friendship-alliance

The Kremlin does what,what passes from hand to support any extreme political party in the EU: often, Moscow's streets are organized far-right demonstrations, while it is no secret that Putin's government strongly supports right-wing German parties, as xenophobic Pegida.

In principle therefore,… The Marine Le Pen, as a politician (extreme) whose views fit "glove" with those of the Russian President. indeed, Such was the political "flirt" between Marina and Vladimir, that Le Pen proposed the withdrawal of France from NATO to create another alliance with the inclusion and Russia!

Something like that, the far-right National Front party secured loan 9,5 million. dollars. from Russian banks, money which financed campaigns. This is money, as stated officials, the party failed to find a French or another European bank. Simultaneously, the founder and former leader of the party, Jean-Marie Le Pen, contracted loan 2 million. from investment company, owned by a former agent of the KGB, at least according to some information. Money indicating once again the relationship between right-wing European parties with Russia.

indeed, welcoming, one month ago, Marine Le Pen in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin continued its policy of destabilization of the continent.

And writes French The world in article, "Russian President greeted the face of the representative of the political spectrum in Europe is growing ".

"The only lingering in Europe is the specter of instability and long term destruction of a series of affairs on the continent to guarantee peace in western Europe since 1945 and after. For what else is Putin, model that promises to Marine Le Pen; A highly authoritarian regime, who kills his opponents. A regime that violates international norms with the annexation of Crimea. A system that supports the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, the crimes of which more fueled jihadism despite fought against. A regime that takes the national-religious commitment, Christianity White and supposedly real Europe against a decadent West ", writes Le Monde.

"The 'Poutinismos" is also the return to the old, good methods of destabilization, as happened in Ukraine and the Caucasus, and the reminder of the Brezhnev doctrine: Russia's neighbors have "limited sovereignty '", continues the French daily, ending with meaning that "the model of Marine Le Pen means national and extra folding allegiance to the two great powers, Russian and American. This meant the visit of Le Pen in early January in New York, when waiting in Trump Tower. He gave us a more accurate picture of what would be France if it fell into the hands of the extreme right: a Marine Le Pen which looked cup of coffee and dreaming of a meeting with US President, who discredited to meet her ".

And as with the case of US, when Russia was accused of the US secret services that intervened last year in the American presidential race, with a series of acts such as cyber attacks in the National Committee for Democratic and staff e-mail of the candidate of the party, Hillary Clinton, so now Russia accused of interfering in the election of the EU Member-States.

"The security services in France cyberspace has warned that the same groups that violated computers Democrats seek 'stealthily' influence and French voters, although not directly accused Russia ", emphasizes Bloomberg.

"European governments have been alarmed by the multiannual flirting with Putin antisystemic parties, which is now on the rise across the continent. The clearest support was the loan of 9 million. euro anti-immigrant National Front of Le Pen received 2014 a small bank in Moscow, the frequently visited ", It refers to a Bloomberg article that believes that Putin wants to weaken European unity negotiating with Member States individually.

"Free from any remaining trace of Marxism-Leninism, the Kremlin today are willing to embrace any ideology may in future serve revisionist objectives ", writes Politico featuring the Russian leadership, more or less, as "osfyokamptiki" and willing to play any game or any Orban Le Pen, if he is to win and she.

US-xeipa for Marin

He may at that meeting months before the Trump not deigned to see closely the Le Pen, which was waiting for him in New York City winter xerostaliazontas, however, few hours before Obama gave -gnosta- right-wing credentials (see relations with Steve Bannon of Breitbart) and did not hide his preference to face Marin.

Providing full support to right-wing candidate for the French presidency, He became well, like Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press, "It is the most powerful on the border issue, the most powerful about what is happening in France ".

And after, logically, He sat back in his chair, and wished, crossing his fingers, Le Pen elected to the highest office in France.

And a Le Pen in the presidential throne will weaken again EU. financially, a destabilization anything but damaging would be for American interests, as it would strengthen the dollar against the euro -a "kiss of life" who urgently need the Trump in order to revive the US economy.

Simultaneously, would weaken the role of Germany in the EU. -a role for the Trump American leadership does not see a good eye, if we consider the statements on "Euro and Mark", when Peter Navarro, head of the US National Trade Council, He stated that "the euro is like a silent Deutschmark, του οποίου η χαμηλή αποτίμηση δίνει στη Γερμανία πλεονέκτημα έναντι των βασικών της εταίρων”.

And the scenes "game" will continue, at least until the evening of May 7…

Constantine Tsavalos


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