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“The children learn the word respect, even if they are wrong on proliferation!!”

The "Bright Star», is a non-profit organization which aims to support poor families with children 16 years.

Its people are interested in the quality of life of every child, which starts from the subsistence needs but does not stay only there ...…

As we understand, and from the post he made on his Facebook page, the quality of life of a child is not only food and clothes - not just grades and great performance.

The most important thing for a child is smiling, safety and the window to knowledge!

Good psychology and the confidence of our young is the most important - that's all, and their bright cheerful eyes!!

This is the post He won our hearts and share with you with emotion and pride!

"I want my children to school:

Learn the word respect, even if they are wrong on proliferation

Learn the word cooperation, and let us make mistakes in spelling.

Learn the word effort, and let us make mistakes in notebooks.

Learn the word enthusiasm, and let's not get heavily.

Learn to spend agreeably, even if not excellent ...

... because I believe in school most important ...

the titles and rating

They are values and the psychology

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