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Five Mistakes Men, Day of Valentine!!

The month of love, the February, It is an opportunity to demonstrate both sexes how you say for "forgetful" companions are just rumors ...!!…..

The February 14 is the day that has been established to love celebrated worldwide! and yet, conflicts that arise between couples is supposed to agapisiariki day, They are unprecedented.

Behold the 5 most often mistakes that men on Valentine's Day!!

mistake # 1

Forget the Valentine's Day

He had plenty of work in the office, He had a lot on his mind, They are forgetful, The,what and’ yes you dress and decorate and he ends up forgotten Valentine's Day.

Why is it bad:

Every woman wants to feel special, He wants to feel that she is loved. Special day for lovers to remember the good you to tell you happy birthday, It is critical case. If you completely forget the day, there begin to wonder: why not remembered, why did not assess how important it is for you.

How to fix the problem:

Above the 75% Women around the world admits that even a grammataki with sweet words is enough to show a man that she thought us this day. If he can remember when playing team, What hours and eleven from’ outside, let's remember to take you even a flower Valentine, even if he does not believe at all in this celebration!

mistake No2

He thinks that a teddy cleared!
Εμφανίζεται μπροστά σου με ένα αρκούδι και σου λέει ένα ξερό “Happy Birthday”. And he thinks he did his duty!

Why is it bad:

A box of chocolates, a bouquet or a teddy bear is not enough to win a woman's heart. More than a gift that will make your, count the words I will tell you. The expression of love is the real reason to celebrate Valentine's and not a teddy bear!

How to fix the problem:

The issue is not whether the gift will bear or kosmimataki! This must be the explanation! For sure, what you need first of’ all, It is to listen to what he feels for you. You may be still at the beginning of your relationship and the 'p’ love’ not have it easy! Nevertheless, You can tell you how well you feel your side and how is starting to like you for joining.

mistake No3

Insists on telling you, that this celebration is a trick to get rich some merchants
And to suck your ears your favorite Rebel populace against Valentine, the festival will not stop there!

Why is it bad:

The reaction of this anti florists and confectioners resembles a huge excuse to avoid your relationship. Such celebrations are a chance to do what we wanted within our relationship, but unfortunately put off! Once you have the opportunity, it is advisable to utilize!

How to fix the problem:

If indeed the problem of your favorite is the marketability of that day, you can both celebrate a day ago! Arrange a dinner and talk about anything other than the obligations or children or your finances.

wrong No4

You wish you via text message or mail
one in 5 men wishes through sms and one in 10 by mail. Good technology but another to listen to the’ I love more to see in a colorless sms.

Why is it bad:

Because between him and thee again enters another: the ruins technology!

How to fix the problem:

If he wants to put technology in the game, He wished you making a cdaki songs and live dedications or even if you are away (that such a day would have to be near) let you make a video call and let us leave mail.

wrong No5

Waiting to do all the planning that day, you and only you!!
Only in the US, the 64% men do not even involved with making plans for the day of lovers, when the 30% Women expect their good to prepare the evening. At the end, stay in and nag!

Why is it bad:

That he took care to make plans and prepare a nice evening to you both, in your eyes is a sign that even in cares, He wants in his life and takes care’ this.

How to fix the problem:

Unless the explanation that this festival is important for you in advance, do not expect miracles, especially if he is in this. No need to spoil if not money left over you. Even the initiative will get to cook your home, It is an indication of interest.

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