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The Airbnb for rental properties will necessarily have a complete file with the “identity card” them and made… “Hotels”

Comes new institutional framework for short Airbnb type leases!! What measures are being considered around the unbridled operation of short-term leases AirBnb type wants to put the government. …..

The new framework for short-term leases Airbnb type aims at διασφάλιση του ανταγωνισμού στον τουριστικό κλάδο, to address the distortions in the real estate and the fair distribution of the tax burden.

The government has until the end of time will promote new framework for short-term leases to protect the users of these services, securing competition in the tourism industry, removing distortions in the market and a fair distribution of the tax burden.

Each house will be rented It would have required a complete file with the "identity" of (planning permission etc.).

Including, the leased property must meet the general safety regulations and have eg. instructions on what should be done in case of an earthquake, flood or fire.

also examined to cover a mandatory minimum insurance coverage.

Alongside, the leased property should not lag behind the benefits of rented rooms, while open is the question of enforcement of residence fee.

No overall, viable and functional setting, which will restrict and tax evasion, since according to estimates of the owners themselves, about 1 to 3 houses rented to tourists lacks Property Registry Number (AMA), thus evading, according to the Tourism and Finance Ministries.

The government aims to provide overall, viable and functional setting, given that tax evasion in the sector 'booming'.

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