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The headlines and the back of the Sunday newspapers 31 May 2020

What the Press writes Sunday

Read 14 Highlights first and Back-Cover of Sunday Newspapers (the suspension is continuously renewed!!)……

The other headlines shortly ........

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Property Tax: Possibility for taxpayers to pay double first installment ENFIA, at the end of October

ENFIA extends the first payment for one month. "The relevant provision will be legislated immediately" stressed the Minister of Finance ..... He said that until Friday (25/09)...

Taxation and Taxes: AADE sends 100.000 taxpayer alerts for hidden Airbnb rental income!!

Checks for hidden income from Airbnb leases!! In the lens of AADE 100.000 with undeclared income as well as Airbnb type leases!! THE...


Insular Policy – Plakiotakis:The draft law for the integrated maritime policy in the island area

The draft law for the integrated maritime policy in the island area, presented today in a teleconference to the regional governors the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy ...

Education Policy: The 8 changes that apply to the High School from the current school year 2020-21

When is the student promoted to the next grade?!! When is he referred for September?!! Managing Instructions for High School Mathematics for the School Year ...

Stories for You

Mykonos-S.E.E.H.O.M: We demand the immediate investigation of the cases of robbery and open violence – Open letter

ΣΩΜΑΤΕΙΟ ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΕΠΑΓΓΕΛΜΑΤΙΩΝ ΧΩΡΑΣ ΜΥΚΟΝΟΥ Δηλώνουμε όλοι μας συγκλονισμένοι από το γεγονός ότι χθες για ακόμη μια φορά έλαβαν χώρα άλλα δύο περιστατικά βίας...

Mykonos: He was arrested in Mykonos, alien for forging travel documents

He was arrested by officers of the Mykonos Police Department, foreigner who went to Mykonos International Airport, using, forged travel documents….. Mykonos, arrested for forgery ...

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Social media: European users are threatened with being left without Facebook and Instagram!!

Facebook threatens to exclude European users!! Even threatening to shut down the switches completely for Europe threatens Facebook. If it happens ...

Turkey’s Aggression in the Aegean: Turkey calls for the demilitarization of Lemnos with anti-NAVTEX

No mood shows Turkey to stop with challenges and anti-Navtex from Izmir Station, calls for the demilitarization of the island of Lemnos ....... According...

Mykonos: Two people arrested for drugs in Mykonos

Arrest of two people, a local and a foreigner in Mykonos for possession of drugs, by officers of the Mykonos Police Department…. Arrest 2 people on drugs in ...
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