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The headlines are the days of the Polytechnic uprising…..

marches, slogans and banners with words that send messages of freedom and struggle against fascism…….

Something like that, romantic, vehicle with the racing excitement of the new generation, student youth started the events that remained in history as the εξέγερση του Πολυτεχνείου.

At 14 November 1973 the Polytechnic students initially decide abstinence, and after the capture of school. Within a few hours at the emitter and the spoken message history: «here University! O people of Greece in Athens is bearer of our struggle, your struggle, our common struggle against dictatorship and for the Republic. here University, here University. You talk radio station free struggling students, free struggling Greeks ". Here marches, demonstrations, slogans and banners, the regime reacts, not enough police, tanks to the streets of Athens…

, The headlines are the days of the Polytechnic uprising…..

“here University”….

Midnight and tanks surround the University.
They have orders to suppress the student revolt that had broken out against dictatorship.
Students call their soldiers to join them.

, The headlines are the days of the Polytechnic uprising…..

At dawn a tank pulls down the main gate….

There are many dead and hundreds wounded. The junta announced 16 dead, while martial law restored the Markezinis government.

, The headlines are the days of the Polytechnic uprising…..

The next day, The Greek press has published articles in state ….. siege!

From a censorship Junta, on the other the common understanding and the most novice journalist on the historicity of the moment. Ideology, position, perception, φόβος για την προσωπική ακεραιότητα και φυσικά η λογοκρισίασμίλεψαντους τίτλους εκείνης της ημέρας. The facts presented, Nevertheless, without any criticism against the dictatorial regime.

, The headlines are the days of the Polytechnic uprising…..

That reflected what was happening inside and outside the University of the newspapers of the time;

We collected some of the headlines in 16 at 17 and 18 November 1973……..

      • EVENING: THE TANKS suppressed REVOLT
      • THE NEWS: Intervened tank
      • VRADINI: Tank ezosan ATHENS
Read the major newspapers of the time, through the digital archive of the National Library.

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