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The firstborn children hide them tremendous power….

They have learned to walk proudly with head upright shoulders and let tremble inside every millimeter. He will show, trained well, see their interactions were always 'bad' and adults listened to discussions rather than brotherly laughs, when they are playing with their toys.

Is the firstborn children, born to love one source at some point in the twenty, born into doubt and uncertainty, but there was the will and risk ignorance to grow. They grew up with parents who then learned they too their title for the first time, with parents who were excited or frightened both their new status, who unwittingly experimented, tested strictly limits set, made mistakes that never admitted, until the next child born.

And if you think about the first-born child is the greatest human experiment. always lift the burden of a dream, a wish for marital happiness and success, often seems to have no choice even, as all these models and theories inculcated to organic in nature.

They easily ask forgiveness these children, Besides the apology shows wrong and wrong weakness. And if you ever stand weak, hide from the world, until released behind closed doors and loud music. Not yardstick, It is unique and unmatched, because there is not even the youngest child to become the new favorite game of relatives and friends. It is a museum exhibit and enjoy the undivided attention of all, gifts and games are new and do not share in both, The room is named and are solely his own.

But even when it comes to second child, everything changes so quickly and suddenly ceases to qualify as child, because now it is the large. The large due to share, grant, set a good example, cause to be a guide and mentor for the new family member. The firstborn children have something of brothers and something parents, They get their title sometimes the handle spasmodically, but a huge responsibility not even realize until you grow. And manage, because it only learned to do.

And when the emulated or to avoid, fear that their title again put them on a pedestal. Whenever a "your brother never" heard in the family. A link of fraternal chain breaks and is the responsibility of the great, the firstborn reintroduce.

Much love these guys, They may not show it in the usual way, may not to embrace as you would, because they have learned to be modestly. Even though they considered by many reactive and eagerly, behind this figure hides an enduring behavioral control effort. Through them will always lurks the fear of disappointment, which in turn gives place to a big "want" to be their parents proud of him.

Hurry to grow up, because it is already large in their minds, They lose something from their childhood, to the later offer to their brothers, They will always win more easily what is claimed by the previous.

but dreaming, and dream very, paint, dance, They speak and then silent because many feared that they said, until they flared up and say you never imagined that you could hear. They never wore cardigan, but they will shout at younger brother to get a him not to cool. always fall in love deeply solitary and keep a "will manage" between their teeth.

And you know something; In some strange way, always succeed.


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