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Coronavirus – EOF: Caution!! It removes liquid antiseptic wipes from circulation!!

Prohibition of handling and disposal of Deep fresh HYGIENIC wet wipes (red packaging), decided by the National Medicines Agency (EOF)....... The product is not approved..

Car withdrawal 2020: The incentives and bonuses for "electric" cars

Με ένα νέου τύπου πρόγραμμα απόσυρσης η κυβέρνηση σχεδιάζει να δώσει κίνητρα για την απόκτηση αυτοκινήτων "καθαρά" to the environment, with a bill that will ...

Alarm!! They found traces of asbestos in talc children of Johnson & Johnson!!

The pharmacy chain CVS Health Corp announced tonight that he would withdraw from the shelves, all children talc packs of Johnson company & Johnson,...

In view of Easter, tested and committed 33.000 eggs and 80 kg sausage

33.000 eggs, 80 kg sausage, 215 kg meat (lamb and pork) bound food inspectors under the emergency controls, εν όψει των εορτών...

Introduction eggs contaminated with insecticide in Greece

Of agricultural development, For industrial processing.

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