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Property & Arbitrary Buildings: extension to 30/9 to arrange arbitrary

Extension for arranging the arbitrary until 30 September, announces, the Minister of Environment Kostis Hatzidakis, saying: "It simply came to our notice then 30 September ...

Property & Arbitrary Buildings: the 7+1 secrets for “invisible” square you need to know

Seven + ONE SOS points for hundreds of thousands of owners who are invited to declare to the municipalities the real surfaces of their properties on an electronic platform of Central ...

Property – Properties out of plan: There are upheavals in terms of construction!!

The scene in the out-of-plan construction is changing!! The Ministry of Environment plans to reduce the deviations because today, in special terms and sometimes ...

Property & Arbitrary Buildings-Arbitrarily : How to pay a fine!

What do those who join the arrangement by the end of October gain? - How much does the amount increase from 2020 until the 2025 Η τακτοποίηση θεωρείται ολοκληρωμένη μόνον...

"Invisible" squares: 58 days deadline – How to declare them to avoid fines and charges

What will apply to owners with arbitrary and semi-outdoor- Τα κέρδη για ακίνητα που δεν ηλεκτροδοτούνται Τη δυνατότητα να απαλλαγούν από την υποχρέωση να καταβάλουν...

Property: Breath in thousands of citizens!! The building transfer factor is activated

Closer than ever is the activation of the building factor transfer, an institution that has been on the ice for decades and is expected to breathe a sigh of relief..

Coronavirus Pandemic : Four time extension (4) months for arbitrary - Favorable arrangement due to pandemic

Extension 4 months - and especially up to 31 October- the owners of arbitrary will have to make their property subject to the current regulation,...

Coronavirus : New extension for building permits, arbitrarily and demolition

Until the 31 December 2020 the validity of building permits extended by a legislative act "of pandemic measures coronavirus Covid-19 ...

How to make the settlement of arbitrary, the fee of 250 euro and process steps

The arbitrary forest owners will have to pay the amount of 250 originally earmarked to submit an application that will give temporary ...

Solution “à la arbitrarily” for the buildings in residential thicken, in wooded areas and chortoleivadikes

forest maps: The new law on forest arbitrarily - Set in residential thicken. Temporary suspension demolition, Pay the fee and review ...

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