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Straight hair without irons and hair!! (2 methods)

One way is to use milk!! Yes, properly read milk!!

Coronavirus and Beauty: The secrets for pedicure at home!! Make your own foot scrub!!

Pedicure in quarantine!! Tips and a homemade scrub for your feet!! The time of personal care, especially during the quarantine period, has increased for ...

Life and the Role of Women in Ancient Greece

Making a flashback we study the life and role of women in Ancient Greece.

Men find 10 reasons that females excel!!

any one man can hardly be made in detail everything that make a woman.

Rouse: Use right!! You can show your face!!

The blush is what can make all the difference between the fresh appearance and look «pale face" saving many times over ...

Festive hairstyles many stars!! Lovely, Classic & classy!!

This hairstyle is not complicated like chignon!!

What a woman watching over you;

Women seeking something ephemeral seems that focuses on 5 individual characteristics rather than the whole person, according to research in the Journal of ...

The need and not make our skin glow!! the 5 often summer beauty mistakes!!

Because the beauty wants way and not bother, you do not have but to watch out not to make mistakes to grow in ...

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