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Announcer Hierarch memorial aoidimou archbishop Athens and all Christodoulou Greece to I. M. Lady Tourliani

on the sacred memory of St. Christodoulou of Patmos, will be held Disarchieratiki Mass, synierourgounton of

For student benefits from the Metropolis Syrian & Mykonos

bolus Student Allowances, height 150 € each, to Students and Students, who have permanent residence

Invitation to celebrate St. Fanourios in Three Wells, Mykonos

wishful Mykonos and spend their holidays on the island to honor with their presence, events Chapel

Statement Eminence Dorotheos B for Manos Eleftheriou death

"Manos Eleftheriou was an emblematic figure of contemporary poetry, lyrics and prose.

Easter Message of His Eminence Syros-Mykonos Metropolitan. Dorotheou B’

Dear spiritual children, Eclectic visitors syneortastes, where these holy days of piety and salvation

Distances Dorotheos through realfm the rally: We were only responsible for our speech

"He could not have known what one can say Mr.. Theodorakis and Mr..

Χιλιάδες λαού συνόδευαν την Αγία Εικόνα στην Ιερά Μονή Κεχροβουνίου

προκειμένου να ευλογηθούν από την πάροδο της αγίας Εικόνος και εν συνεχεία δι' αυτοκινητοπομπής προς την Ιερά

Festal angel Eminence Dorotheos B 'on the input to the New Year 2017

The coming of Christ, that changed and reversed everything, blessed kaiexagiase and time, giving

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