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Education & Exams – nationwide: The way of scoring in the Report is changing!!

A few weeks before the start of the pan-Hellenic exams, the ministry gave instructions on how to examine the nationwide courses with changes for ...

Coronavirus Education: 20 upheavals in Primary-High Schools-Lyceums!! The critical letters of change [The whole Polynomial Plan]

Sweeping changes in Education!! Multi-bill with hundreds of serious changes!! They increase in 24 standards and are established 36 νέα πειραματικά Πώς θα γίνονται οι προαγωγικές...

Coronavirus: Changes in English exam – New dates for Lower and Proficiency

Changes in English exams Lower Proficiency and due coronavirus. The tests are normally held every year in May, postponed until the end of June ..... According...

New Changes in the Lyceum 2021!! The Ministry of Education restores Topics Bank exams!!

Significant changes considering bringing in high school the Ministry of Education of the next school year. Όλες οι αλλαγές που έρχονται – Επιστρέφει η Τράπεζα...

Introduced after exams Informatics certificate, The certification of knowledge / Y

Establishes a National Information Technology Certificate, το οποίο χορηγείται με εξετάσεις και πιστοποιεί τη γνώση χειρισμού Η/Υ....... Certifying knowledge of computers handling objects: a)...

Panhellenic: Log in universities with certified national high school diploma and a special rate per class!!

The central scenario for entry to universities presented the new president of the Institute for Educational Policy (PSE), John Anthony, about the changes that studies ...

Panhellenic 2020: Amendment to abolish import without examinations “green” schools

Τροπολογία για την κατάργηση των «πράσινων» και Κόκκινων» Σχολών Τροπολογία του Υπουργείου Παιδείας, abolishing import without national exams were to take effect ...

Changes in Healthcare: Examinations by SMS & Manager in Hospitals, New Faces in Administration

10 Bills just around the corner from the Ministry of Health - New role for HCDCP EOPYY - Remove smoking with support ...

What changes it brings to the AEI new computerized 2019

Τα νέα τμήματα πού είναι άγνωστα στους υποψηφίους Μικρά «διαμάντια» που δίνουν επαγγελματικές λύσεις Πιθανότητα εισαγωγής για όλους τους υποψηφίους του 2ου και του 4ου Επιστημονικού...

Ακροβασίες με το σύστημα των εξετάσεων

Το σχέδιο θα είναι ψηλά στην ατζέντα του Αλέξη Τσίπρα στη Διεθνή Εκθεση Θεσσαλονίκης, καθώς πήρε το

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