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Coronavirus Pandemic: New study!! How long can the coronavirus survive on our skin, in our hands!!

Up to nine hours - four times as much,What The Influenza A Virus - Can The Coronavirus Survive In The Human Skin, according...

Great importance to facial wash, uses the water temperature!! When we use when Cold and Warm;

The temperature of the water as though it did not seem important, It plays an important role in proper and effective cleansing facial. Πότε όμως πρέπει να...

5 morning drive-Matte skin rejuvenation!!

Also it is necessary to implement targeted formulations will sustain more hydrated and end

How be stretch blush!! Colors to suit every skin!!

If the face is square, Apply blush, with horizontal movements of the bit

The 5 Απόλυτοι κανόνες που πρέπει να ακολουθούν οι γυναίκες για αψεγάδιαστη επιδερμίδα!!

the 5 πολύτιμα tips στα οποία «ορκίζονται» οι γυναίκες με αλαβάστρινο δέρμα!! 1.

Winter Guide "survival" of the skin

and the dry air inside the house because of the heat!!

Because the sea is good for our health

seawater bath for man.

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