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The FSA immediately withdraw Plastic Spoon!! Do not use in contact with food!!

Recovery of a plastic ladle distributed through Amazon!! He did not have to come in contact with food!!.... The recall of a black plastic spoon, with the trade name "FISKARS",...

caution!! EFET withdraws dangerous cold cuts!! Do not consume them if you have bought them!! [pics]

Caution!! EFET recalls air salami!! These are the dangerous sausages that he recalls and withdraws from the market, as according to EFET it was found ...

Caution!! EFET denounces specific olive oils as adulterated [pics]

Distribution of adulterated olive oils!! EFET, continuing the controls for the protection of the consumers and the authenticity of the Greek Olive Oil, located various networks in ...

caution!! EFET recalls Health Chocolate, due to allergenic substance !! [pics]

The recall from the market of health chocolate in which the presence of an allergen was detected (casein milk), which is not declared on the label, announced the United ...

Caution!! Immediate Recall by EFET on chicken skewers!!

EFET demanded the immediate recall of all the specific batch of this product,EFET recalls chicken skewers with bacon from the market,...

Caution!! EFET immediately recalls Meli, which after inspection, found adulterated!!

EFET recalls honey!! Found adulterated with starch syrup!! The FSA demanded the immediate withdrawal / withdrawal of the whole of the specific lot from the above no ...

Caution!! EFET immediately recalls a vegetable cheese substitute!!

EFET: Withdrawal of vegetable cheese substitute, λόγω αλλεργιογόνων ουσιών Πρόκειται για το προϊόν «Σαρακοστιανό Νηστίσιμο Economy» σε συσκευασία 200 g., with a production date 02.03.2020 and date ...

Caution!! Recall, in chicken roll with bacon and cheese, by EFET!!

Ο ΕΦΕΤ απαίτησε την άμεση ανάκληση του συνόλου της συγκεκριμένης παρτίδας του εν λόγω προϊόντος Ρολό κοτόπουλο με μπέικον και τυρί ανακαλεί από την...

Health: EFET created the manual "Eating safely at home"!! The five "keys" to good health practice and food safety!! [Document]

EFET: Five key moves to keep food from spoiling in the summer!! EFET on the occasion of the fact that a large number of foodborne infections have been recorded internationally..

EFET: Caution!! Withdraw cream cheese!! It may be contagious!!

Πρόκειται για δύο προϊόντα προέλευσης Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου Στην ανάκληση πιθανώς επιμολυσμένων αλειμμάτων τυριού από την αγορά προχωρά ο Ενιαίος Φορέας Ελέγχου Τροφίμων...... Specifically, EFET updated,...

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