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coronavirus: Two years in prison for "unruly" carnival, mayors & prefects [Document]

Health Ministers, Citizen Protection and Home, Vassilis Kikilias, Michael Chrisochoïdis and Takis Theodorikakos, sign joint JMD for coronavirus and ...

coronavirus: In Athens, the third case – Canceled all carnivals in Greece [Video]

Third coronavirus outbreak in Greece announced a while ago Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias. The third case is a coronavirus in Athens ....... but not given ...

Where are the roots of disguises?

The carnival established as a celebration of joy and revelry, where everything is allowed and justified. Άλλωστε οι ρίζες τους βρίσκονται στις λατρευτικές γιορτές προς τιμήν...

Vamos Carnival!! Take off the masks and pick outfit!!

Written by Royal K. Margetis - Psychologist - Psychotherapist, MSc Halloween came!! Masks, carnival costumes, streamers, carnival dances, cheerful mood feast, carnival. Discard ...

Halloween masquerade!! The disguise discloses….. our character!!

If you believe that the carnival disguise, except fun, may mislead others about who / really are a, Planos another think coming!!........ Το μασκάρεμα δεν...

Karnavali: hide behind a mask!!

to xeskasoun and have fun.

Carnival: The psychology of disguise

back to our childhood, Since wearing our favorite childhood outfit we did everything with

Carnival, the celebration of fertility!!

Everything wake of the heavy torpor of winter, hot blood pulsing in the veins of the world

The origins of carnival in ancient Greece

holidays Thrace etc.

The program of events Carnival Carnival Naxos 2018

the colors of the ribbons and the sounds of bells, visitors and locals

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