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the 1620 aliases of the Virgin

Notre Portaitissa - Our Lady of intensive The face of the Virgin but for

The Greece celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin – The amazing our bond with the mother of Jesus

 The Assumption fresco of Michael Feather and happy to Saint Clement of Ohrid

The Power of Halloween Masquerade

Through a disguise we can experiment from a safe alternative social standards, roles, fantasies and even

Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

have a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary featuring

Dekapentafgoustos: When the great feast of Orthodoxy established

Church in honor of the Mother of Christ, so-called Marian feasts.

The first evidence for

Το έθιμο του “March” έχει τις ρίζες του στα Ελευσίνια Μυστήρια

The initiates of the Eleusinian Mysteries tied a thread, the yolk, in their right hand and the left

Kite: The two polar triangles of Senior & lower Self

Invisible and intangible Higher Self and other,, the Visible and Material Lower Self.

The origins of carnival in ancient Greece

holidays Thrace etc.

The lover of the bagpipe of Dionysos!!! (25 Videos)

On the ascites or touloumi, usually made from young sheep or goat skin, two wooden fixed

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