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24hour strike tomorrow Friday, May 1 in all ports of the country

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1st, go on a 24-hour strike, seafarers on the ships of the ports of Piraeus, of Rafina, of Lavrio, from the 00:01 to ...

Coronavirus Pandemic – Plakiotakis: Intensify checks on all the country's ports with a view easter extra limit travel between the islands [Video]

Εντατικοί οι έλεγχοι για την αποτροπή εξόδου εν όψει Πάσχα Υπενθυμίζεται ότι εντατικοποιούνται από αύριο, Friday 10 April, inspections in all its ports ...

Coronavirus: Only residents will be able to travel to the islands, in effect from 6p.m. Saturday's

Emergency measures for islands and coastal!! The mass movement of people to the islands led the government to ban the movement of citizens who do not ...

Το BLUE STAR MYKONOS «φόρτωσε» κλούβες των ΜΑΤ από Καβάλα για Λέσβο και Χίο

Κλούβες των ΜΑΤ προς λιμάνια της Λέσβου και της Χίου, την ώρα που η κυβέρνηση ανακοίνωνε ότι αποσύρει όλες τις διμοιρίες που είχε στείλει...

Blue Star Ferries: Configuring route due to the strike of the Navy. on Tuesday 18/2

Please be advised that due to the 24-hour strike of seafarers Unions of PN. on Tuesday 18/02/2020 the routes of our ships will be as follows:.... BLUE...

prohibition of Departure: It remains the ban from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio

Tied Ships at Sea, λόγω των ισχυρών ανέμων Δεμένα παραμένουν τα πλοία στα λιμάνια του Πειραιά, Rafina and Lavrio, because of the strong ...

Declared Illegal strike at Piraeus port, Rafina & Lavrion – They will be told Associations!!

Illegal judged from the Piraeus court 24-hour strike that has declared on Wednesday four seamen unions, in all categories of ships, in ...

Problems and Errors are most ports in the Cyclades - "Bell" from the masters union

Piers need more islands including Mykonos ...... the 10 SOS!! "Bell" by the Association of Masters on Problems and ...

Accepted the request of KEDE – Στους Δήμους τα “orphans” ports

reported the president of KEDE, George Patoulis, during yesterday's debate Bill

Immediate staffing of gateways called the Region of the If. Minister of Citizen Protection

The meeting, in which the Dodecanese MP attended Mr.. Elias Kamateros, the District Officer Mr. Kos.

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