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Tags Port Authority of Mykonos

Tag: Port Authority of Mykonos

foreign arrest for possession 100,26 grams cocaine Mykonos

The arrest of a 29 year old foreigner made, evening yesterday, officials of the Office of Narcotics and Special Operations Platform of the Port Authority of Mykonos, για παράβαση...

Ungovernability T / X vessel in the sea area between Tinos Mykonou

Rescue OS-EL.AKT., for absence of government of the T / X "PIRELLI" flag Bulgaria three (03) foreign occupants, in sea

Rolling with cyclists injured in coastal New – old port of Mykonos

26stroke motorcycle collided with a vehicle driving 58,.

Port Authority of Mykonos thanks to the participants in the successful pursuit of readiness

Successfully faced the authorities of the Port Authority of Mykonos, exercise control of old pollution port sea

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