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Coronavirus Education: First bell tomorrow for A ', B’ High school and high school!! The measures, absences, the grades!!

Plan but C' High school will be implemented tomorrow!! Measures and distances!! What will happen with cameras and absences!! With cameras from tomorrow ...

Coronavirus Education: The design for the end of the year, Panhellenic & AEI!! Everything that the Institute of Educational Policy examines

potter: Πιθανή παράταση σχολικού έτους και έναρξη του νέου νωρίτερα Προς παράταση της σχολικής χρονιάς και την έναρξη του νέου σχολικού έτους νωρίτερα φαίνεται πως...

Adolescents exposed on the Internet!! The 30% They say they have met with someone they met online!!

One in three children High School has met with someone she met online. Παιδιά Δημοτικού που ξενυχτούν παίζοντας σε κινητά τηλέφωνα και ηλεκτρονικούς...

Panhellenic: the points A will be counted;, B 'and C' class for introduction into APC

Designed to take account of the extent and 3 classes of high school for admission to universities, Restore the Bank issues in First Grade, προωθείται η...

Changes to School!! Difficult access to Higher Education!!

Difficult access to Higher Education: Τράπεζα Θεμάτων και συνυπολογισμός των επιδόσεων και των τριών τάξεων του Λυκείου...... Αλλαγές και στις τρεις τάξεις του Λυκείου...

What changes in the regulatory framework governing Movement – Field Trips students in middle school and high school

By decision of the Teachers' Association of the school unit will place the student movements inside during the school year , χωρίς να ...

New Changes in the Lyceum 2021!! The Ministry of Education restores Topics Bank exams!!

Significant changes considering bringing in high school the Ministry of Education of the next school year. Όλες οι αλλαγές που έρχονται – Επιστρέφει η Τράπεζα...

Panhellenic: Log in universities with certified national high school diploma and a special rate per class!!

The central scenario for entry to universities presented the new president of the Institute for Educational Policy (PSE), John Anthony, about the changes that studies ...

Changes in the Panhellenic system – The changes come into B’ and G’ High School

The Changes in the nationwide system for students that give 2020 and complete change, from 2021 - Rationalization in matter -...

Αποψη: Δημιουργικό λύκειο

η τελευταία τάξη του έχει εν μέρει συρρικνωθεί σε κέλυφος στέγασης εκπαιδευτικών και μαθητών, δεν εκπλήσσει κανέναν.

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