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Mykonos: Commando of the Coast Guard, arrested dealer in Mykonos, with 1,3 kilos of cocaine in PlayStation

They found the drugs he had hidden in the PlayStation!! The 28-year-old had the PlayStation, but he was not carrying toys with him, κάτι που κίνησε υποψίες στους...

Mykonos: Arrests for Illegal Building Construction & Persecuted for Drugs

Συλλήψεις από αστυνομικούς του Αστυνομικού Τμήματος Μυκόνου την Τρίτη 04-02-2020..... Σύλληψη ημεδαπού για παράνομες οικοδομικές εργασίες στη Μύκονο Την 04-02-2020 noon arrested in Mykonos, from...

Mykonos: 3 New arrests Interception carried and Drugs

The arrest of three persons proceeded police in Mykonos for cases related to drug possession and theft of capacity ..... Arrests for theft of vehicles ...

Mykonos: foreign arrest for drugs, by members of the Narcotics Department of the Port Authority of Mykonos

The arrest of a 25 year old foreigner, They proceeded, noon yesterday, officials of the Port Authority of Mykonos .... for violation of the law 4139/2013 as applicable. particularly, then information recovery, panel ...

Mykonos: Dislocated circuit with large amounts of drug, after methodical investigation of Police Authorities

After a methodical investigation of Police Authorities in Mykonos, dislocated aliens circuit possessed, drugs for the purpose of trafficking ...

Cocaine: Mykonos, one of the main destinations of the cartel washed up

Θα πλημμύριζαν με κοκαΐνη Μύκονο και Σαντορίνη Μεγάλο μέρος από το φορτίο μαμούθ με την κοκαΐνη που ξεβράστηκε στη Γαλλία θα κατέληγε σε ελληνικά νησιά....

Police operation to arrest, held on Mykonos to combat the spread of drugs

arrested -3- people for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking!! Seized over -1- kg of cannabis, cocaine, high accuracy weight scale, 3.280€ etc ...... Under special ...

Three foreigners arrested for drug case by members of the Port Authority of Mykonos (pic)

Arrests of foreign drug Mykonos The arrest of three foreigners, aged 19, 23 and 31 years, They proceeded, early hours, officials of the Port Authority of Mykonos ...

foreign arrest for possession 100,26 grams cocaine Mykonos

The arrest of a 29 year old foreigner made, evening yesterday, officials of the Office of Narcotics and Special Operations Platform of the Port Authority of Mykonos, για παράβαση...

Mykonos: Dislocated spiral committing thefts and drug trafficking

Dismantled a criminal group that was active in the commission of theft and drug trafficking in Mykonos.

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