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How to keep the summer, λαμπερό το χρώμα των μαλλιών σας!!

Πώς θα διατηρήσετε το ξανθό Το ξανθό είναι ένα χρώμα που πολλές πόθησαν, λίγες όμως κατάφεραν

Straight hair without irons and hair!! (2 methods)

One way is to use milk!! Yes, properly read milk!!

5+1 Steps hands Silky!! (Tips)

Hands should always be nice and tidy so that the manicure show

Rouse: Use right!! You can show your face!!

The blush is what can make all the difference between the fresh appearance and look «pale face" saving many times over ...

The Ultimate Makeup Festival!!

The period of the Christmas holidays wants, more or less, to have some social obligations!!....... Whether it's a party in the office, or ...

Festive hairstyles many stars!! Lovely, Classic & classy!!

This hairstyle is not complicated like chignon!!

cool, shiny, smooth skin with watermelon!! 4 super tips!!

The process is simple: Chop the flesh of watermelon, wrap a piece of

The need and not make our skin glow!! the 5 often summer beauty mistakes!!

Because the beauty wants way and not bother, you do not have but to watch out not to make mistakes to grow in ...

Great importance to facial wash, uses the water temperature!! When we use when Cold and Warm;

The temperature of the water as though it did not seem important, It plays an important role in proper and effective cleansing facial. Πότε όμως πρέπει να...

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