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Lockdown end? They will probably open after the elementary school holidays, exercises, High Schools!!

Opening of schools, even Primary after the holidays, "Sees" the professor of pathology and member of the committee of experts of the Ministry of Health, Charalambos ...

Reopening of Schools: Tests for students of all levels when schools open!! The plan for the "first bell" after quarantine!!

"Sampling plan for students of all levels" - What did Stelios Petsas say about the opening of the schools!! Priority when removing ...

Panhellenic Exams: Τις επόμενες μέρες η υποβολή των Αιτήσεων για τις Πανελλαδικές 2021 – Οδηγίες βήμα βήμα για τη συμπλήρωση της Αίτησης [Documents]

In space 25-30 Νοεμβρίου οι ηλεκτρονικές αιτήσεις για συμμετοχή στις πανελλαδικές εξετάσεις - View the document - Πώς συμπληρώνετε την αίτηση........ Η διαδικασία των αιτήσεων...

Coronavirus, Learning on line: "We learn at home" with ERT, for students of Primary Education

He returns from tomorrow Monday 16 November on ERT2 the special distance TV zone of lessons "We learn at home", created on public television and ...

Virtual Learning: 12 answers to key questions about the operation of Primary Schools and Kindergartens

Primary School closes, Kindergartens and Nurseries to 30 November to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The special units will be open..

Coronavirus-Heightened measures: Special purpose leave for working parents in the State, with a view to closing schools [The Circular]

Overthrow!! On Saturday, the announcements of Kerameos for the closing of the Primary schools. It is in progress shortly after 5 on Friday afternoon the ...

Coronavirus-Heightened measures: Mass tests in Gymnasiums and Lyceums before they open

Carrying out targeted tests on high school students in order to decide whether to open schools, μετά το lockdown στις 30 November,...... announced by ...

Education Policy: What will happen to the absences of the students, after the collapse of Webex, during Distance Education!!

Δεν θα ληφθούν υπόψη απουσίες μαθητών, in cases where there was a technical problem in distance learning!! Parents, students and teachers seek solutions, as the Ministry of Education has ...

Education Policy: E-learning collapsed from the second hour!! Failure of telecommunication companies with "good morning"!!

Distance education!! The system crashed with good morning!! Problems for students on webex!! Calvary the lesson with good morning ..... Many problems are observed in its premiere ...

Coronavirus & Schools: The lessons do not stop even with an outbreak of Koronovirus [GG]

The new framework of measures that will be imposed when an area is epidemiologically in the red provides for a decision issued in the Official Gazette and provides for all ...

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