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Financing the Municipalities of the Cyclades, with 375.770 euros for operational needs of schools - How many takes Mykonos [Document]

The amount of 375.770 allocated EUR, the decision number. 82856/21.11.2019 decision of the Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakou, Municipalities in the Cyclades to cover ...

Call Education Primary and Secondary Education: Instructions of the Ministry for the proper application of call – What applies [Circular]

Instructions for the proper application of call for teachers in primary schools and secondary education!! Εγκύκλιο με οδηγίες και επισήμανση της αυστηρής τήρησης των, for...

Minister of Education: Strict Prison to the Deputy not shown [Video]

N. potter: The truth for teaching posts in schools - "Bonus" to teachers who go to remote areas ..... The establishment severe sentence alternates ...

28October: Flag bearers during the parade again the excellent students!! [The Amendment]

Tomorrow 15 October 2019 passed by the House, the abolition of the draw for the flag bearers ...... Change again the way of choice in primary Reefer ...

Parents, it is wrong to read your children!!

This phenomenon as the years pass tends to become more intense.

Back to school!! 7 Συμβουλές για ομαλή επιστροφή στα θρανία μετά το καλοκαίρι!!

either in kindergarten, either in primary, it is important for the child to have a smooth transition from

Changes in the Panhellenic system – The changes come into B’ and G’ High School

The Changes in the nationwide system for students that give 2020 and complete change, from 2021 - Rationalization in matter -...

Panhellenic: With the existing system for at least two years

Panhellenic: "The existing system will remain for two years. Will clarify through legislation what evaluation ", says Deputy Minister of Education .... National exams: In an effort ...

Win Kerameus for school hours: At 8:15 the first bell in Primary, High Schools

First bell normally in 8:15 - The potter 'unpick' the Gavroglou decision on school 9 - Finally asylum ........ Will not change ...

Education is our degrees, but our aesthetic

Education is our words, at our discretion, our freedom, the limits of our freedom, or

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