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bell in 9 a.m.!! The scientific community recommends the, Education Minister wants

The scientific community recommends the, Education Minister wants, αλλά τα πρακτικά προβλήµατα είναι πολλά..... Ο λόγος για την έναρξη των σχολείων στις 09:00...

The first day of school!!

nose running: the reason;

Bell by the World Health Organization: “Ψηφιακή ηρωίνητα βιντεοπαιχνίδια για τα παιδιά

As shown by the recent International Classification of diseases of WHO, addiction Video games are particularly

Abolished the voucher kindergartens Municipality of Mykonos

The application of two-stroke compulsory pre-school education in the first 184 country municipalities concludes today formally

merge the 2 kindergartens of Mykonos – The entire list of startups, Municipal mergers and kindergartens in the Gazette

Cyclades and specifically in Mykonos, considering the nr 214/2017 City Council decision

Dyslexia in the family and at school

Substance is a guide for parents The primary objective of Ms Panteliadis and concrete

5 tips to make your child star in Mathematics!!

with appropriate guidance, children can acquire basic mathematical knowledge, while a more

Children claiming there is hope

Their refusal to capitulate.

What learning style is your child;

There are children who do not seem to be destined to become the best student or student class

Proper preparation for the return to school

ready to return to classes.

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