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governability Municipalities – municipal Committees – Legal entities: the 3/5 the Mayor-Prefect and 2/5 in opposition

Changes to TAB for governability Municipalities and Regions 3/5 the Mayor-Prefect and 2/5 Opposition to ...... Both committees Economic and Quality of Life, and the ...

Christmas message from the Regional Director Southern Aegean, George Hadjimarcou

S.' a changing world and looks for new stationary , in an environment that poses new challenges and opportunities, οι μέρες των Χριστουγέννων...

regional elections 2019: ND candidates close – All names

aftodioikisi.gr of Piraeus which is expected within the next week (SS.

Dropped the setting for the appointed secretaries in municipalities

National Register staffers Public Administration, according to exclusive information of aftodioikisi.gr.

George Hadjimarkos to students: "The reversal should and can only come from you"

In standard sanctification schools, for the start of the new school year, attended the Region of Southern Aegean

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