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Santorini: Big fuss of earthquake with short focal depth - What happened;

Mystery prevails big inconvenience caused, the inhabitants of Santorini, the earthquake with the deafening noise made in 15:46 το απόγευμα της...

Powerful earthquake 5,2 Richter, openly Rhodes, rattled the Dodecanese

Earthquake 5,2 the Richter scale occurred shortly before the Dodecanese, open Karpathos - See the focus - Lekka: Ο σεισμός ανοιχτά της...

Powerful deadly earthquake 6,4 degrees in Albania – Dead, collapsed buildings and people trapped in the ruins

At least ten are dead, 150 wounded by the powerful earthquake that struck today in Albania, causing serious damage to property and trapping ...

Powerful earthquake, short focal depth & size 5,1 Richter Rhodes

Powerful Earthquake "rattled" just before the 8 Thursday morning Rhodes. The epicenter of the earthquake detected 37 kilometers southeast of Rhodes, while...

The earthquake, It has nothing to do with the volcanic activity of Santorini!! There is no reason to worry!!

Efthymis Lekka: Nothing to worry about the earthquake 4,8 Richter in 10:57 a.m. between Crete and Santorini ......... The assessment that there is no ...

NGPP: What to do during and immediately after an earthquake

Earthquake: Notice to Citizens, που πρέπει να ακολουθούνται ευλαβικά Μετά τον ισχυρό σεισμό των 5,1 Richter made at noon in Athens, General ...

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