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Tags Athletics AO Mykonos

Tag: Athletics AO Mykonos

Mykonos: Markos Gourlias of A.O. was the first. Mykonos at 5,000m in the inter-club championship

The excellent performances of the athletes of A.O.. Mykonos in the inter-club championship continue. Markos Gourlias comfortably won the 5,000m race with 14.17.45 in...

Continues apace to prepare for races Diles 2018

development ages but mainly students and primary school students without a recognized athlete bulletin.

Tuesday start and academies of A.O.Mykonou track

of children born in 2009 and smaller.

At 27 August the first day of preparation for the athletics section of AO. Mykonos

The call relates primarily racing team and proagonistiki, ie children born to

Sixth and seventh place was occupied by Naoumenko and doulas in the National Championship for Children

Vladimir Naoumenko won 6th place in shot put with a personal best (15.32) and lost

With 5 Athletes participating in the National Children AO Mykonos

Analytically, the group consisting of the following: Vladimir Naoumenko, who will compete in the realm and

The Mykonian Calliope rings representing the Greek track in Brussels

organized by the European Federation of Athletics at the headquarters of the European Union.

The theme of the seminar

H incredible evolution Calliope Sykinioti

born in 1997,  He participated in the club's first games in 2009 and has since been participating in

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