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Tags Eavesdropping carryings

Tag: Eavesdropping carryings

Mykonos: 3 New arrests Interception carried and Drugs

The arrest of three persons proceeded police in Mykonos for cases related to drug possession and theft of capacity ..... Arrests for theft of vehicles ...

New Concept for domestic interception traffic volumes in Mykonos

After checking the police Accident Prevention Control Group another transport project interception incident in Mykonos, saw the light of day ..... The ...

Arrests in Mykonos: Two for tapping carried and an alien illegally residing in the country

Mykonos to arrests made, Police officers of Traffic Accident Prevention Control Panel interception traffic volumes and the Mykonos Department officers illegally ...

Mykonos: arrested -3- men to intercept traffic volumes, illegal passenger transport services by private car. cars

They arrested today (13 August 2019) early hours in Mykonos, by police officers of Traffic Accident Prevention Control Group (O.E.P.T.A.) the Traffic Police Division of Attica,...... three...

Five arrests for theft of capacity and solicitation to Mykonos and Thira

Arrested in Thira and Mykonos Greek nationals total of five men 38, 43, 51, 58 and 63 years

arrested (4) άτομα για υποκλοπή μεταφορικού έργου στη Μύκονο

three nationals aged 21, 28 and 38 ετών και ένας 42χρονος υπήκοος Βουλγαρίας, κατηγορούμενοι για υποκλοπή μεταφορικού

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