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Cooperation with the Regional Director Elias MP Kamatero, for waterways, understaffing and OTA ETAIPROFYKA

MP came Antonis Apostolidis, Coordinator N.J. SYRIZA South Dodecanese.

During the discussion, They raised

the Regional meeting – Director HIT focusing on transport and tourism

"We aim to make Rhodes the capital of European research in tourism," says Director

Six new water projects, in Rhodes, Santorini, Tinos and Mykonos, the Operational Program PNAI

Rapidly continues the implementation of the Operational Program "South Aegean 2014 - 2020 "and the exploitation

Call the Regional N. Aegean to avoid strike PNO on September 3

The Region of South Aegean, George Hadjimarkos, in view of strike action by the PNO it has launched for

Karpathos for the Assumption of the Region, George Hadjimarkos

Accompanied by the District Officer Karpathos - Kasos, John Minatsi, the Antiperifereiarchi John in February and the Regional Director

In stopping cooperation with ALPHA BANK guided the Region of Southern Aegean

In stopping any cooperation with ALPHA BANK guided the Region of Southern Aegean, after the surprising decision

Invitation to join the RDP 2014 – 2020, land reclamation works, to ensure irrigation water, send the Region

In order to provide irrigation water for strengthening and improving the competitiveness of agriculture, through infrastructure

53rd Kremastis Report, the Region George Hadjimarkos

The National Fair Handicrafts and Rural Economy Kremasti Rhodes, He visited the evening of the Sunday

Improvement and maintenance of electric Milos provincial road network, the South Aegean Region

With the improvement and upgrading of the road network in the South Aegean islands be

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