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How to open a shaken can of soda, without becoming a mess!! (Video)

See the video below how you can avoid this phenomenon, when the beverage is shaken

How to get rid of the egg smell the dishes!!

All recipes include Easter egg is therefore very difficult to avoid.

How effective and ecologically clean carpets and rugs from our mites!!

But one trick to clean the carpet and get rid of the mites!!

Place a Red Heart!!

Symbolism:  For the ancient Egyptians the heart was the residence of the soul!!

How to keep fresh flowers in vases!!

There are some tips that can allow you to maintain a "flowery" atmosphere at home too

The soft towel…. Bathroom… washing seems!! (eco Tips)

the pool chlorine and sand so the more you wash the more to harden

Πώς να περιποιηθείτε σωστά το μαγιό σας μετά την θάλασσα!!

Ποιος είναι λοιπόν ο σωστός τρόπος για να τα πλένετε και να παραμένουν όσο το δυνατόν

Mask for strong nails!!

mayonnaise!! Yes, properly read!! The mayonnaise will make your nails strong and loud!!

How can the curtains to make a freshy and beautiful house!!

Your curtains torment too!!
Are you tired downloading the curtains and to go to the laundry

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