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Coronavirus Pandemic: "Zero Agan"!! Delphi Rhetoric necessary for the psychology of the new normality

all show, that we are moving towards a gradual exit from the restriction measures and a new regularity after the pandemic of the corona, που σάρωσε όλον...

Coronavirus Pandemic: The next day and social relations!!

"After the crown, the world will never be the same". It has been heard from many lips and so much that it has become a commonplace. THE...

Men find 10 reasons that females excel!!

any one man can hardly be made in detail everything that make a woman.

Vamos Carnival!! Take off the masks and pick outfit!!

Written by Royal K. Margetis - Psychologist - Psychotherapist, MSc Halloween came!! Masks, carnival costumes, streamers, carnival dances, cheerful mood feast, carnival. Discard ...

The Power of Halloween Masquerade

Through a disguise we can experiment from a safe alternative social standards, roles, fantasies and even

Trust is a hard feeling, It earned with effort!!

Πράκτορας του FBI αποκαλύπτει το μοναδικό πράγμα που πρέπει να κάνεις για να σε εμπιστεύονται οι γύρω σου...... Οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι γύρω μας είναι καχύποπτοι...

The effect, the narration of fairy tales, the eight kinds of children's intelligence!!

Has long overcome the perception that the intelligent and gifted man, είναι αυτός που διαθέτει υψηλό δείκτη νοημοσύνης...... now, όταν μιλάμε για έναν...

Why train children as if they have just left brain hemisphere;

The left hemisphere of knowledge and reason and the right hemisphere of emotions, fantasy

Teach me to cuddle!!

I approached and shook so hard in his arms still to feel on me ...

The value of your precious diamond!!

It does not depend on our faith, how trying, how love, neither

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