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Tag: 48 DOSES

Economy and Taxes: New Fixed Setup!! How to Settle Debts on 24-48 doses!! 13 Questions and answers!!

Guide to all critical questions - answers for the inclusion of taxpayers in their new fixed arrangement 24 – 48 installments in order to ...

New fixed setting: Which included and which are not the 24 or 48 doses, what will happen to the old borrowers from April 1!

Πληροφορίες δίνει της ΑΑΔΕ Από την 1η Απριλίου, old borrowers, which joined the old fixed setting 12/24 doses, until November 1 ...

24 – 48 Doses are taxed: With the new platform, setup Charges, at 26 February

The ability to pay their debts to the Tax Office on up 24 doses will be those who have joined the fixed setting 12...

Debts to the Tax Office: Plan Assets Set up 48 Doses of 12

More installments and stricter criteria provides the new framework regulating the established debts to the tax office,..... discussed these days among the staff ...

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