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Airbnb: The deadline finalizing the Registry – Beware of fines – Instructions for the Registry [Document]

For those engaged in short-term leases platforms, Airbnb type, είναι υποχρεωτική η οριστικοποίηση στο Μητρώο...... Until 28 Φεβρουαρίου έχουν προθεσμία να υποβάλλουν στην ΑΑΔΕ...

Με αρνητικό πρόσημο τα έσοδα των βραχυ-ιδιοκτητών σε Μύκονο και Σαντορίνη το 2019

The hopes of short-owners, that ran throughout the crisis to rent their properties through Airbnb, expectation that, so, θα… ισοφαρίσουν...

Principle of authorization: Income from AirBnb and costs as electricity, water supply, They will automatically intersect with e-E1

By outflanking movement taxpayers, mainly professionals, οι οποίοι δηλώνουν χαμηλότερο εισόδημα ακόμη και από το άθροισμα καταγεγραμμένων δαπανών τους προχωρά το υπουργείο Οικονομικών...

Changes to the objective of price determination system, in tourist areas and cosmopolitan islands with high tourist!!

Changes to the objective of price determination system, aim to avoid are only a few positive or negative deviations, μεταξύ φορολογητέων και πραγματικών τιμών...

Legislative initiative on Airbnb, founded Tourism University!!

'Aggressive' view of the islands that have lifted the burden of immigration, Tourism University establishment and completion of legal regulation on Airbnb, στις πρώτες προτεραιότητες...

reduction is, the "key" to the solution to Airbnb and return to long-term leases!!

Airbnb: The plan for a return to long-term leases and what incentives are examined. Η ΠΟΜΙΔΑ προτείνει Φοροελάφρυνση... Its own proposal - οδηγό ώστε να...

The Airbnb for rental properties will necessarily have a complete file with the “identity card” them and made… “Hotels”

Comes new institutional framework for short Airbnb type leases!! What measures are being considered around the unbridled operation of short-term leases AirBnb type wants ...

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