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Development of Tourism: What the New Spatial Plan for Construction provides, shoreline, Islands and Rocky Islands!!

The new spatial framework for Tourism!! The whole plan for the development of tourism. The settings in the new special spatial framework. The country...

Reopening Tourism: Update on tourist accommodation forms

As the Panhellenic Federation of Tourist Accommodation "KYKLOS" informs, are available and free of charge at tourist accommodation (to financially well-off members) of the Federation, the forms ...

Coronavirus Pandemic: These are the seven stages of restarting the market [The KAD in detail]

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investment presented the seven stages of restarting the market after the quarantine for the crown, Nick Papathanassis, ο οποίος ανέφερε πως «διασφαλίσαμε...

Cotonavirus & Travel: Suggestions, Labels and Requests of the Federation of Accommodation

Suggestions, remarks and requests of the Panhellenic Federation of Tourist Accommodations KYKLOS, due to the pandemic. In a letter to the Prime Minister, asks for the operation to be suspended ...

Coronavirus Travel-Booking.com: Cleaning standards in short-term leases

Booking.com introduces quality and safety standards in collaboration with the Properly platform.. The purpose is to improve the cleanliness of the accommodation..

Large increase in Turnover Index in Hotels and Restaurants in second quarter 2019

Turnover Index in Accommodation and food services!! What the figures show ELSTAT ...... Increase 12,9% He noted the general turnover index in ...

Airbnb: The platform works with the European Commission and the Principles of Consumer Protection, improving the Offer Way Accommodation (What changes to the platform)

finally fulfilled the European Commission notes the Airbnb!! According to the European Commission Communication, η πλατφόρμα συνεργάζεται με την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή και τις αρχές προστασίας των...

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