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Mykonos Arrests: Two arrests for drug trafficking in Mykonos

Two 30-year-old Albanians were arrested who, according to the Coast Guard, were actively involved in drug trafficking on the island of Mykonos, προχώρησαν το μεσημέρι της...

Mykonos: Arrested in Mykonos, 2 foreigners for forging travel documents and 3 illegal aliens

Συνελήφθησαν από στελέχη του Αστυνομικού Τμήματος Μυκόνου, two (2) foreigners who went to Mykonos International Airport, using, forged travel documents, καθώς και τρεις...

Mykonos: A suitcase with over four kilos of raw hemp was found

Suitcase, containing four kilos and two hundred and twenty-three grams of raw hemp and belonged to a 38-year-old foreigner, member of a disbanded drug trafficking organization ...

Mykonos private party: Three more arrests for disturbing the peace

In three (3) More arrests were made by the Police after checks carried out in Mykonos regarding the so-called private parties that are taking place in ...

Mykonos private party: New arrest of a villa tenant where a party was taking place – He was arrested for disturbing the peace

Everywhere there will be checks in both beach bars and villas to avoid overcrowding and the spread of coronavirus ........ In one more ...

Mykonos private party: First arrest in Mykonos for a party with a crowd in a villa

Sweeping checks in a beach bar in Mykonos are in full swing, nightclubs, but also in villas that organize parties and there is overcrowding ...... According...

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