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Giannis Antetokounmpo: "We will win a championship and we will all go to Mykonos"!

It may not be clear yet when or if the NBA season will resume, but the star of the Milwaukee Bucks , John Antetokounmpo,...

Mykonos – Grypareio: 21 May – World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development Τον Νοέμβριο του 2001, The United Nations Commission has declared May 21 as World Day..

Coronavirus Travel: How to travel to Europe in the corona era; Commission guidelines for hotels and campsites

The European Commission has announced a series of measures to ensure that people can travel safely to Europe., καθώς οι...

Allocation 96.615 euros to the Municipality of Mykonos by the CAP – 106,5 million. euros in all municipalities (Panel)

Amount of total height 106.536.079 Euros are distributed to all municipalities in the country as the fifth regular funding of the year 2020, by decision of the Minister of the Interior, Taki ...

Coronavirus and Travel: Greece as a possible holiday destination abroad, according to ARD

Greece, which "slightly passed the coronation crisis", αναφέρει ως έναν από τους πιθανούς προορισμούς για τις φετινές διακοπές των Γερμανών στο...

Mykonos Ticker: Straightforward – Live the Divine Liturgy of the Sunday of the Myrrh Bearers by the Holy Temple of the Great Virgin

Coronavirus Mykonos - In live broadcast, with the Holy Metropolitan Church of the Great Virgin, in Mykonos, watch tomorrow Sunday of the Myrrh Bearers, 03 May...

Cotonavirus & Travel-Guardian: Greece is preparing new tourism rules – Finally, the beaches and hotels are full

The trips will be made only with "specific new rules", δήλωσε στον Guardian ο υπουργός Τουρισμού της Ελλάδας Χάρης Θεοχάρης καθώς ετοιμάζεται να προτείνει τρόπους...

Municipality of Mykonos – Dina Samsun: Clarifications for the service of the citizens and companies by the Revenue Department of the Municipality

Following the precautionary measures already in place to tackle the coronation dispersal in line with government measures, as well as in ...

Coronavirus Mykonos : The "Love Network" of the Municipality of Mykonos is reinforced with food € 105,000 to meet the requirements

The Economic Committee of the Municipality in today's Internet meeting unanimously approved, the budget and the cost of the additional food supply for the ...

Coronavirus Mykonos : Municipality of Mykonos celebrates World Health Day provides doubled the feeding and housing allowance for nurses

This year's World Health Day is dedicated to the nursing staff, which is on the front line of disease response COVID-19 ........... But today we honor the work ...

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