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warm tartare raw prawns, truffle vinaigrette

3 cuil. tablespoons whipping cream

3 shallots

10 cl white wine

3 green asparagus

the juice of half a lemon

olive oil

fine salt, ground white pepper

Sichuan pepper

1/2 bunch of chives

3 the preserved tomatoes

Truffle vinaigrette

the juice 2 lemons

15 g of salt

30 g peels truffles

30 g truffle juice

1 g of ground white pepper

50 cl rapeseed oil

the tartare

the day before, chop the candied lemons, book. Put the shallots in a sauté pan, cover with white wine, let reduce until dry. Keep cool. Cut the shrimp tails into large dice. In a pot-ass, mix the flesh of prawns, preserved lemon, shallots, the cream, chives, drizzle with olive oil. Add a dash of lemon and season with salt, ground white pepper and Sichuan pepper. Cool and refrigerate overnight.

The truffle vinaigrette

Mix together the lemon juice, truffle juice and peels truffles. After much crushed truffles, add all the elements and 5 cl of warm water at the end.

This dressing can be kept for ten days in a closed bottle cool.

Finishing and presentation

Chop raw asparagus in length with a mandolin.

On an oiled dish, have in circles prawn tartare, skip 1 minute under

salamander. Next, make the tartare in the center of each plate. Season the

asparagus slices with olive oil and lemon juice, salt lightly. Identify the vinaigrette with truffles. Decorate with the preserved tomatoes and chives.


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