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Tax Declaration: When does the platform for Tax Returns open? 2021!! 5 changes are planned by the Finance Staff

The Ministry of Finance is launching a series of interventions on items, electronic receipts, advance payment of income tax and performance fee, in order not to burden the victims of the pandemic with additional taxes……

After 10 Taxis are expected to open in May for filing tax returns.

This year's bill for approx 6,5 millions of employees, retirees, freelancers and property owners will be discounted, on the one hand because incomes were lower the 2020 compared to 2019 and on the other hand because special purpose allowances for work suspensions, as well as compensation paid to property owners who received reduced rents will be tax-free.

Alongside, The Ministry of Finance is launching a series of interventions on items, electronic receipts, advance payment of income tax and performance fee in order not to burden the victims of the pandemic with additional taxes. As the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras stated yesterday, "In the coming days, a holistic policy of the government will be presented in everything,with regard to the tax filing period, the installments, the items, receipts from electronic transactions and the performance fee ".

However, the planning of the financial staff provides for the payment of taxes in 8 equal monthly installments but also tax deduction for those who pay the lump sum debt that will arise after the settlement of their declaration.

The interventions provide:

1. e-receipts

The Ministry of Finance is oriented not to apply the "penalty" for this year 22% για όσους φορολογούμενους δεν έχουν καταφέρει να καλύψουν με ηλεκτρονικές συναλλαγές το 30% of their income.

For example an employee with annual earnings 20.000 ευρώ θα πρέπει να πραγματοποιήσει συναλλαγές με κάρτες ή μέσω e-banking ύψους 6.000 euro. If the electronic receipts amount to 5.000 euro, then you will pay for them 1.000 euros remaining extra tax 220 euro.

2. items

They are not intended to apply to those affected by the pandemic. This category includes suspended employees, professionals, sole proprietorships but also property owners, who will be able to use the amounts of aid they have received from the state (special purpose compensation, returnable deposit, compensation for lost rents) to cover the presumptions of living.

3. End vocation

The Financial Staff is considering reducing the performance fee for companies that have been closed for a long time by state order. Catering companies belong to this category. The exemption from the end of the new farmers who completed the five-year exemption from the end of service on December 31 is also being considered 2019.

4. Tax advance reduction

Targeted reduction of the tax advance that will be required to be paid this year by the companies and the self-employed who, despite the reduction of their turnover, managed to make profits in 2020. Sources in the Ministry of Finance stressed that in no case is a horizontal reduction of the tax rate up to 100%, as applied last year, and that if eventually there are interventions they will be targeted and will only concern companies that 2020 they had a big drop in their turnover compared to 2019.

5. Discount 40% for real estate expenses

The prevailing scenario envisages adding a new code to tax returns so that taxpayers can earn the relevant deduction. The tax deduction will be for renovation work, repair and energy upgrades of real estate made in 2020 and will be calculated at 40% on the amount of the expense incurred for the repair or renovation of the property.

Necessary condition for its discount to be valid 40% of costs for energy work fees, functional and aesthetic upgrade of buildings from the owner's income tax is the expenses to have been paid by electronic means of payment, that is, with credit or debit or prepaid cards, or through e-banking, or by using an e-wallet, etc.. Expenses paid in cash will not be considered.

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