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Tax Settlement : The whole plan for debt settlement in the tax office – In 12 interest-free or 24 low-interest installments

The Ministry of Finance is expected to submit the legislation on emergency regulation to Parliament in July., on the basis of which all those affected by coronary heart disease will be able to settle their debts to 12 interest-free or 24 low-interest installments………. with an interest rate that will fluctuate at its level 2,5%. The legislative provision will also include the new framework of increased installments for the payment of this year's income tax for individuals and legal entities and ENFIA, as well as the tax deduction. 2% in the case of a one-time payment of income tax.

The regulation of 12 interest-free or 24 low-interest monthly installments are expected to take effect 1.1.2021 and will cover all debts suspended since March, when the coronation pandemic broke out. These are debts that exceed the total 3 billion. euro, if the amount of unpaid insurance contributions is also taken into account, which will also be able to be arranged in 12 interest-free or 24 low-interest installments.

These debts, by decision of the Ministry of Finance they are frozen until October and are expected to remain frozen until the end of the year before the new favorable regulation for their settlement begins.. So based on the regulation the “frozen” Coronary debt will be able to “spread out” until December 2021 or 2022 depending on the number of installments to be selected by the victims.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Finance:

1. The new regulation will allow those who have the right to suspend the payment of taxes and adjustment installments until September. That means they are included:

– Businesses that have taken down rolls with a state mandate.

– Business, self-employed and self-employed who are affected by the coronation crisis and are on the list of KAD victims.

– Employees who have been temporarily suspended from employment and are entitled to special compensation.

– Real estate owners who receive reduced against 40% professional housing rents, first home or student dormitory.

2. The debts that can be settled are all the ones certified in the Tax Authorities. debts (VAT, Payroll taxes, inheritance tax etc.) whose payment deadline has expired 11 Of March 2020 until the 31 May 2020 and which have been suspended until 30 September 2020. Especially for employees of affected companies and property owners who receive reduced by 40% 4 month rent is also valid for June debts. The regulation also concerns the installments of arrangements / facilities for partial payment of certified debts..

4. The interest rate in case of selection 24 installments will range in 2,5% and so will be lower than the current fixed debt interest rate.

6. Entry into the settlement is expected to be made by submitting an application on a special platform that is expected to be opened by the Independent Public Revenue Authority by the beginning of 2021.

In the meantime, it will have been implemented the new most favorable income tax and ENFIA payment framework in more installments. At 31 July ends with the deadline for submitting tax returns (extended) and the first installment for the payment of income tax, while the last, 8the dose, expires on 26 February 2021. As far as ENFIA is concerned, the first installment of its payment expires at 30 September and the last, 6the dose also in 26 February 2021.

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