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Taxation and Airbnb: Which Airbnb leases are under the "microscope" of AADE

AADE "heats" machines for inspections, in the context of its business plan, although tourism has been on ice for about a year now and is not expected to go into "thawing" before the end of the first half……

With tip, Well, the sharing economy, namely real estate that in the previous "golden" periods was available with short-term leases AADE tries, to seize taxable material which may escape the attention of the authorities.

So before it is too late and there is an issue of limitation of infringements, the auditors start for this year the audits in housing leases through Airbnb but also from other platforms to see what has been declared and not for the seasons. 2018 and 2019.

A key tool in this endeavor is the receipt from Independent Revenue Authority elements, which he had requested from three major platforms, the Airbnb, the Booking and Homeaway, but also electronic payment data.

So based on this "compass" it will be checked, if the properties have been declared on the relevant platform with the landlords register, if the leases have been posted to taxis and if the income has been presented in the tax returns.

According to information, "sea bass" have already come out, while in cases with inaccuracies or shortcomings in the statements, AADE requests with notices the submission of overdue amendment declarations of income tax and then payment of extra taxes.

It is noted that based on research by Grant Thornton in the beginning 2019 on behalf of the Hotel Chamber of Greece, there was talk of 126 thousands of entries all over Greece (from 107 th. the 2017 and 95 th. the 2016) and the number of apartments available on the platforms, with Airbnb first in shares, in 76 th. last year (from 64 th. the 2017 and 57 th. the 2016). It is estimated that 2018 performed 27 million. nights.

Also the reduction of public revenues, the net loss of public revenue from the three years 2016-2018, estimated at 300 million. about euro.

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