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Taxation and taxes: Wide grid 23 AADE provides data to Banks, municipalities, OPEC, funds, OAED, for intersections

There is a wide network of intersections in productive operation to verify the sincerity of citizens' statements.

With a number of public bodies, AADE provides data on revenues, the real estate and cars of millions of taxpayers, as shown in the list of those linked to Taxisnet files, public bodies and services.

Some of τα στοιχεία των φορολογουμένων διασταυρώνονται αυτόματα, like. the applications for benefits or other benefits, while in other cases the data is drawn from the services themselves, B.C. or Traffic police for uninsured vehicles or Municipalities for call.

This means that there is a wide network of intersections in productive operation to verify the sincerity of citizens' statements, in order to combating the abuse of the rules for the administration of various aids or to find people, in criminal activities.

Interoperability is the ability of different information systems to exchange and integrate data in an organized and automated manner, reports AADE. Today they are in productive operation more than 30 different for- functionalities with Information Systems of Public Administration and companies.

The provision of taxpayer data, on the one hand facilitates the trader with another public or private service, but at the same time it is used for the intersection of tax data declared by the taxpayer, in another service, in order to receive e.g.. an allowance.

In case some information is falsely stated, then the taxpayer locates and gets involved in adventures both for the false statement, while if he has received one allowance then called to return it with increments.
The online tax filing service for individuals and businesses is currently used by more than 100 bodies (ministries, townships, organizations, funds etc.), notes AADE.

What data does AADE "give"

Through the interconnection of electronic systems, AADE provides, including, the following data in dozens of bodies:

  1. Provision of Registry data for Natural and Legal Persons and Legal Entities and is used by a variety of public administration bodies. It is mainly used by Municipalities to search for and locate data of individuals and companies. Frequently searched items are the home / headquarters address.
  2. Provision of Vehicle Owner Information: Used by Municipalities and Port Funds, when looking for vehicle owners for parking violations Mrs.. It is also used to locate owners of abandoned vehicles.
  3. Provision of Real Estate Details: It is used by Municipalities and, among other things, supports the electronic submission of undeclared square meters.
  4. Traffic Fee Payment Code: Used by Credit Institutions to support and automate the payment of traffic fees.
  5. AADE Payment Control to a Collection Agency: Used by Credit Institutions when paying tax debts with account debit to determine transaction fees in real time. In this way, the above are excluded from supplies 70 and residents of remote areas.
  6. Provision of data for the Application of the Birth Allowance: It is used by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and through this interoperability the electronic applications for childbirth allowance submitted to OPEC can check the income criterion (income statement information) in real time and processed instantly.
  7. Provided in H.D.I.K.A.. (E-Government of Social Security), Income information for the Minimum Guaranteed Income and the Social Solidarity Income.
  8. Uninsured Vehicles: Used by the Car Accident Liability Insurance Auxiliary Fund (and the Association of Insurance Companies). When concluding insurance contracts, the insurance companies check if a car was identified as uninsured in order to pay the corresponding fee..
  9. Provision of data for the implementation of the Housing Allowance: Used by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Critical information is extracted from the databases of AADE for the processing of housing allowance applications to OPEC. The electronic leases are crossed and the income criterion for the beneficiaries is checked.
  10. Income Information for Student Transfers: Used by the Ministry of Education.
  11. Electronic Income Register of Uninsured – Financially Weak Used by H.D.I.K.A.. (E-Government of Social Security).
  12. Income Information to OAED, cfor applicants for various benefits or membership in programs.
  13. Income Information for Student Housing Allowance: Used by the Ministry of Education. When submitting the electronic application, multiple eligibility criteria are checked in real time by extracting data from the AADE systems such as permanent residence data from E1, real estate data from E9, electronic leases and tax return income.
  14. Income Information for the Savings Programs Cat’ house: It is used by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and includes a cross-section of real-time data for real estate ownership from E9 and home ownership and income from E1.
  15. Income Information for Social Dividend: Used by H.D.I.K.A.. (E-Government of Social Security) for crossing real-time eligibility criteria, of the beneficiaries of the social dividend.
  16. Income Information for the Social Housing Invoice: Used by H.D.I.K.A.. (E-Government of Social Security).
  17. Check payment of Traffic Fees: Used by the Greek Police, to locate uninsured vehicles in circulation.
  18. Real Estate Information to OPEKEPE: Χρησιμοποιείται από τον ΟΠΕΚΕΠΕ για την καταβολή των κοινοτικών ενισχύσεων και τον έλεγχο των αγροτεμαχίων.
  19. Providing data for the implementation of the program “Tourism for everyone” for cross-revenue through program beneficiaries.
  20. Providing data for the implementation of the employment support mechanism “COOPERATION”: Used by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, in order to check the eligibility in the COOPERATION program based on the income declarations of the applicant companies.
  21. Income Information for Calculating Child Allowance (A21): Used by H.D.I.K.A.. Supports the annual distribution of child benefit by OPEC by checking income and marital status data in the databases of AADE.
  22. Income and Registry Information for Action of Transport Equivalent of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy: Used by the General Secretariat of the Aegean and Island Policy (of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy). Supports real-time applications of beneficiaries with income crossings, composition of family share and home address in the tax register of AADE.
  23. Out-of-court settlement / Electronic Main Home Protection Platform: Provision of income and real estate data for the evaluation of applications for EGTIX platforms. Extensive set of data of the applicant resulting from the income tax returns is extracted, VAT and E9.

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