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Last chance for arbitrary settlements - examined small extension and Play of Building Electronic Identity

Statements by the end of the year instead of the deadline of 8 November

2,5 legally million properties have been abuses where they do not know the owners

What Does the permanent solution through the Electronic Identity Preservation proposed by the Technical Chamber of Greece

Extension until the end of time is about to give, According to reports, the Environment and Energy Ministry of the Law on Settlement of arbitrary….
The effect of 4495/17 expires on 8 November, but the mess that exists in the country with urban sprawl has created the RIS headache, It must manage within a few months, pathologies decades.

However, short duration extension to give the problem the experts are so much needed drastic measures. In any case, as stated in the newspaper “free press”, the RIS minister, Dimitris Oikonomou "the government has no intention to bring a new law and the arbitrary declaration of the buildings can not be continued indefinitely as it gives the wrong message and is incompatible with the spirit of the Constitution and the letter of the State Council Decision" .

The solutions envisaged by the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Energy appears to qualify the proposal of the Greek Technical Chamber of tnot a direct function of the Electronic Identity Building, which will include detailed recording the current- not on actual plans - status of all of the rights of the country buildings and through it you can for a certain period be arbitrary settlement.

If qualified this solution, the engineer should state buildings which have interventions and as exceeding the 405 settlement may be stricter fines ,according to the same scenarios to consider in government
"At the end of the period, the possibility of settlement should be "locked” for major offenses and remain available for longer, time for smaller arbitrary -and probably forever for mikroafthairesies as is already the prefectures Kalafatis and Stathakis for arbitrarily "explain sources close to the tee that has made this proposal.

At the same sources, the rationale to pursue this process stems from the fact that the 75% of arbitrary declarations to date is one of the reasons that seeks to have this capability as subsequent owners who do not know and therefore will not be able to transfer their property.

In the second year that after the Law and of the time credit, the reins are expected to get the building inspectors who already have the green light to proceed summarily in demolitions for those who have taken no action whatsoever.

However in cases where owners voluntarily carry out the demolition of illegal buildings , the jurisdiction to find demolition shall prepare and issue a compliance protocol with which the proceedings certified.

The demolition protocol communicated to the competent building services to apply the deletion fines . Furthermore it has changed arbitrary construction (as to dimensions or materials, position or if areas have been) then compared with the original protocol demolition process progresses without the adoption of a new protocol is needed.

( discount)
It is worth noting that during the consultation, Bill envisaged to amount to 30% (remains in 20%) discount for those owners choose to pay the full amount of the fine for use of the arbitrary until the end of the law.
Simultaneously included provision giving 20% discount for those who gave the 30% the amount imposed , However, and this is maintained in 10%.

Reductions in fines for specific categories of citizens

-For people with disabilities (Disabled) paid the 15% -20% the fine depending on the degree of invalidity (for 80% and 67%) and income (with personal income up 40.000 euro or family income up 60.000 euro for the first case and 18.000 euro or 24.000 euro respectively for the second case).

– For expatriates and repatriates Polytechnic paid the 20% fine the first and 20%-50%, the latter depending on the circumstances. B.C:

-Triteknoi, with personal income up 25.000 euro or family income up 40.000 euro, pay rate 30% the fine. These provisions apply only to single parents.

-many children with personal income up 40.000 euro or family income up 80.000 euro pay rate 20% the special fine. Polytechnic with a secondary residence (below surface 80 sq.m) pay 50% the fine.

fees fines

– 250 EUR arbitrary construction / use up 100 sq.m.
– 500 euro for building / use over 100 sq.m. and up 500 sq.m.
– 1.000 euro for building / use over 500 sq.m. and up 2.000 sq.m.
– 4.000 euro for building / use over 2.000 sq.m. and up 5.000 sq.m.
– 10.000 euro for building / use of larger 5.000 sq.m.

With information from the newspaper “Free Press”

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