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Techniques to overcome the stress of exams: Tips for students, especially for parents

or under study at Higher Education signal and amplify acute stress!!

Βεβαίως το άγχος μέχρι ενός σημείου είναι και δημιουργικό, productive, motivates us. But when it exceeds the normal limits accompanied by negative emotions and situations.

In this negative impact (that may constitute warning signs for parents or for children) They are:

– difficulty in concentrating
– difficult to read, learn specific material and the recall
– constantly mentioned points and performance
– irritability, aggressiveness, anger, tears
– decreased appetite or bloating
– difficulty sleeping (nightmares)
– tachycardia, dizziness, faint, weight chest, headache
– worry, nervousness and anxiety about things
– trends flight

Stress usually motivated by negative thoughts, which are associated with fear and anxiety of the child for how well it will do the exam and in case of failure you will tell friends and especially parents who may be disappointed or not to confirm their expectations. These negative thoughts have the ability at times to push the child to function in such a way to cause this is scared [self-fulfilling prophecy]. In essence this is the key to better treatment or preparation of student.

An important element is to change the child thinking as regards examinations. To do this you need to changed the way of thinking of the parents themselves. The exam is not the ticket for vocational rehabilitation nor unique way of confirmation of their child's abilities. This is evident from the way the system absorbs the individuals irrespective of their cultural origin.

Suggestions for kids:

  • to organize as best you can the material for reading
  • take notes and highlight with different pens / markers – basic or difficult points that the repetition can easily find
  • do reps alone or together with friends to solve queries and refresh your knowledge
  • Avoid reading flat out during the examinations and to stay awake until late – basic reading prior and now just do reps
  • να διαβάστε αυτά που σας δυσκολεύουν λίγο πριν τις εξετάσεις και μην κουράζεστε με αυτά που ήδη ξέρετε καλά
  • to avoid discussing just before the exam what you know and what you do not know – possibly at that time to get stressed that they do not remember anything
  • Remember breaks during study
  • choose to eat, sleep well, get plenty of rest and exercising (bike ride, walk)
  • if anxiety and panic during the tests stop negative thoughts (and literally telling yourself to stop or stop) and replace with positive, take deep breaths, think some beautiful picture (such as holidays, loved one) or internal repeat a word or phrase that relieves your

Suggestions for parents:

  • try to be as calm as possible – if you are calm and will feel the children near you
  • and you use the breathing technique to help you get discharged
  • defused and you somehow, as gymnastics, walk, meeting with friends
  • do not force the child to read or the recall whenever you see it sitting (and not to read) – They know their own rhythms – if you feel pressure from you can do just the opposite, read little
  • not caring for the child more than necessary, not just sick exam gives – discreetly stand near him and when you want something so requests
  • this in need of the child at this stage is be there and to hear, να μοιραστεί μαζί σας τις ανησυχίες και τους φόβους του
  • Keep in mind that the child gives exam. Not "give" tests such sounds too often (if so you may feel).

If you have difficulty to manage this situation a visit to a a mental health can be especially accessory both you and the child.

If the tests are the first test of how to meet a child for future requirements what I can do parents is to help children adapt to difficult situations thus limiting the negative effects associated with these.

Nice try to children because that's what counts first and then the results!!

*Efrosini Mitsiou, is Psychologist, psychotherapist, Msc School – Evolutionary AUTH, specializing in Non Directional Animation Team, Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity
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