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Thanasis Megas: To our good friend Giannis Kontaratos

Dear my dear friend Giannis,
Our worthy partner,
It's really a very difficult time when you suddenly say goodbye to a good and worthy friend, an excellent partner, a real leader…………

You were born with Leventia and you served the society of Mykonos with passion, selflessness, simplicity and deep humanity. You had these elements that characterize adults, why The great legacy of every human being is memory, and it is certain that you, my friend, will forever be engraved in the memory and hearts of those who had the honor and luck to work with you..

You supported with stability, principles and values. You have always acted correctly and effectively and you have served our country for many decades with honesty and modesty.. Your whole life has been full of struggles and battles, ideal, authorities, values. Values ​​that we should all respect and serve. Because those of us who have served the local government know very well that you, our friend, are leaving a great legacy which will be a constant source of inspiration.. I had the honor and the luck to be your friends with Aleko and the doctor, to be connected by a deep and sincere friendship. Always be by our side, to support us in both easy and difficult and share problems together, the concerns and anxieties of our place. You never stopped advising us, to keep balance and to envision a better Mykonos. Because you were a militant visionary in a constant battle to make your life and that of your fellow human beings more beautiful., more human, fairer. You respected the hard work of your fellow human beings and passionately defended their rights.. From a young age you were a fighter but above all a wonderful person. Ahead of the games, passionate about life, absolute but fair, successful entrepreneur, a man of responsibility full of offering and arrogance.

You put your stamp for many decades in the municipality of Mykonos when as President of the Municipal Council, sometimes as President of the Merchants' Union and sometimes as a simple soldier that with your work and your struggles you were forever engraved in the history of this place.

We learned from hard work, your conscientiousness and zeal. Your knowledge and long experience for those who lived close to you was a valuable asset and leaves indelible traces for future generations.. Because you have dedicated a large part of your life to offering and supporting with passion and stubbornness professionals, sports, schools, tourism, the Municipality of Mykonos.

A huge project in the course of your life offering and love for the place you lived and loved. You justifiably won the appreciation, respect and recognition of your fellow citizens for this and they honored you with their trust.

Your nobility and your ethos will guide us for the rest of our lives. A tireless man, a man of great soul, a hardworking man who started your life through many difficulties and through hard work you achieved your goals – as you very nicely describe in the book of life you wrote yourself and you were so proud of it. But above all successes your good and worthy family stands out that together you went through both the difficult and the easy and you managed to create a happy family.

Thank you, friend Giannis, for this huge project that you offered to your place. Thank you for being our friend, Thank you for filling our lives with fond memories.

Dude John, you left with dignity as you lived your whole life. You were a real lad and you stayed that way until the last minute. You never gave up. You fought to the end.

Your memory will live on between us, you will always be present, always next to us, always our good friend even if it is a consolation, strength and courage for your people and a legacy for all of us.

Goodbye friend John and have a good trip…..

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