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The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step

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whites, the almond powder, the sugar, vanilla aroma and is usually filled with buttercream, jam or cream ganache. Τα μακαρόν είναι σαν μικράθαύματαπου ξεχειλίζουν με χρώματα, tastes, perfumery!!…
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
Ένα μακαρόν μπορείτε να το παρομοιάσετεστολίδι”.. just try it, ο ουρανίσκος σας θα πλημμυρίσειαπόλαυση”!
If you visit France you will understand, that Macarons are not random French Patisserie trademark!
French confectioners, They have evolved so much capital macarons, really the combination of flavors and colors is adorable!
There are actually countless flavor combinations, particularly in French pastry shops you can find from plain and simple butter macarons…. and exceptional inspiration macarons!
Macarons with simple ingredients like chocolate, the honey, olive oil, any fruit, essences of flowers or herbs and spices up macaroons separately with gold foil and champagne, such Anyway the macaroons are just perfect!
Perhaps you have wondered how easy it is to make homemade macarons that resemble those of French patisseries.

The answer is that you never manage to make these awesome authentic macarons but you can certainly make wonderful, homemade macarons, worthy of authentic, your own inspiration in flavors and colors.. enough to faithfully follow the instructions!

The Macaron Project, how to make perfect Macarons!

Quantity: 1 dose (15-25 portions)
Preparation: 1.30 minute, thin
Cooking: 10-15 minutes
ready to: 11.3 minutes

Ingredients for:
Basic Recipe Macarons

  • 60 gr. egg whites
  • 45 gr. granulated sugar
  • 62 gr. almond powder
  • 124 gr. powdered sugar
  • 1 vanilla capsule or liquid vanilla
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

Μακαρόν με Ιταλική Μαρέγκα

  • 55 gr. egg whites
  • 120 gr. granulated sugar
  • 40 ml. water
  • 150 gr. powdered sugar
  • 150 gr. almond powder
  • 1 vanilla capsule or liquid vanilla
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

Step by step

1. The recipe
They will give you about 25 moderate size or 15 large macarons, size macaron is at your own discretion!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step

2. H Basic Recipe Macarons

  • Sift the amygdaloskoni, icing sugar, salt and vanilla, if you use vanilla powder.
  • Beat in metal or glass dry and clean vessel whites until fluffy, to tighten and become shiny.
  • Add granulated sugar gradually 4-5 parts and continue beating.
  • When the meringue is standing ready, To add color or vanilla if you use vanilla liquid.
  • With spatula incorporate solid materials very gently, prsosthetontas staged in 3-4 parts.
  • When the mixture is uniform stop mix!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step

3. H Recipe with Italian Meringue for Macarons

  • In a saucepan, boil water and sugar granulated sugar over medium heat. Not mix materials!
  • Once the syrup starts to become thick if you try forming threads, when let fall into a glass of water and ready!
  • Alternatively if you leave the thermometer to reach 116 ° C degrees and remove from fire. Start to beat the egg whites to stiff meringue and add the hot syrup, continuing hitting!
  • Caution syrup should fall directly into the meringue, not to mixers! Continue performing the step-by-step recipe, as in the basic recipe for Macarons!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
4. How to bake the macarons right
  • Once finished the mixture for macaroons, Spread on a baking sheet baking tray!
  • The parchment should be taut and oloisia!
  • To give perfect shape to macarons, you can design with a round cup stalemate and pencil on parchment paper circles, the size you want, into which will spread the mixture.
  • Put the mixture into a piping bag and create rosettes, Carefully macarons will stretch out, certainly not enough, so leave small gaps between them!
  • Commercially you will find special forms for baking macarons.
  • Leave the macarons, about 1 hour to get caught on the surface crust!
  • S.’ this stage, if you want you can sprinkle the surface of macarons, with colorful sprinkles, dried herbs such as lavender flowers, aromatic seeds or whatever,what else you imagine.
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
5. -Bake macarons in well prosthermasmeno oven, the operation of the air heater for 10-15 minutes, depending on the size, at 160 ° C C.
Those are the basic cooking times to a modern oven, you knowing your own devices bake as corresponds accordingly, to dry and remain shiny, without changing color!
– Allow to cool thoroughly detach from the baking sheet and leave them on a rack to cool thoroughly! Good to fill up after 8 hours!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step

6. The filling

The filling is a special case.. Pick according to taste, aroma and color of macarons you prepared!
It can be a simple buttercream, a ganache or jam or even a combination thereof!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step

7. Recipe for classic buttercream

  • 125 gr. unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 500 gr. powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla


Beat butter fluffy and gradually add the icing and vanilla, beating for 5′ minutes!

Την βουτυρόκρεμα μπορείτε να την αρωματίσετε με εσάνς, spices, liqueur, scrap, add jam, honey, chocolate, dried fruit, candies, crumbed biscuit, coconut, various creams gels, cocoa, cream cheese, nuts, any material you like, matches your macarons pastry and natural colors for impressive appearance!

If you want, You can also use chocolate ganache.

, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
8. The macarons are eaten immediately.. but if you want to really enjoy their perfect taste, put the stand 2 days in the refrigerator and let 40 minutes from the refrigerator before eating, worth the wait!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
9. Tips for making perfect macarons
-The macarons are two ways, One is a simple meringue that will enrich with granulated sugar and the second making Italian meringue! Choose whichever recipes they both are tested, the first is easier, especially if you are new!
-It is essential to use the exact quantities to get the correct result!
-Use the fine granulated sugar for best results!
-Allow the eggs to use at least 1 day unrefrigerated! Alternatively dip eggs 2 hours in tap water.
-The egg must not contain traces of yolk!
-One of the components of macaroons is almond powder!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
How then will make the perfect almond powder;
  • Pick blanched almonds, with no moisture!
  • completely dry moulti or blender you mash the almonds.
  • Add almonds 1 sharp tablespoon sugar crystalline.
  • Puree powdered almonds, so that you can sift!
  • Then the almond powder will be perfect!
  • The amygdaloskoni and icing should be screened.
  • Also solids, you want to add as cocoa, citrus zest, flowers, spices, Dried material should add to the mixture amygdaloskonis!
  • The end result of the mixture should be lighthearted not too wet or tight!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
10. – Necessary paraphernalia Marisa is a spatula or wooden spoon, which will mix gently, always, the meringue with other materials, a metal or glass pan to make perfect meringue!
-The colors that you want to add and liquid aromas everything you add in meringue, just reached the final stage!
-Decide in advance the flavor you want to give the macaron, so that you are prepared and have the necessary materials!
-Use your imagination to create separate macarons, replacing a portion of almonds with hazelnut powder, peanut, pecan, coconut, caramelised nuts!
-For richer texture in meringue, use of tartaric acid powder is approximately half teaspoon!
Good luck!
, The Art of the Macaron, the most delicious Macarons!! Step-by-Step
Tips recipe:
Wonderful combinations Macarons
  • Pistachio with strawberry buttercream
  • With bitter almond buttercream flowers orange
  • With orange buttercream with paprounosporo
  • Ginger buttercream with Mango
  • Rose cream rose Turkish delight
  • Lavender with lime cream
  • Red Velvet with buttercream cheese
  • Vanilla cream with marshmallows
  • Chocolate with buttery caramel cream and coarse salt
  • Cinnamon with banana cream
  • Papaprounosporos with honey buttercream
  • With mint buttercream and peppermint candies
  • Hazelnut Praline with buttercream
  • Pineapple with coconut buttercream
  • Chocolate buttercream cherry
  • Cocoa with Oreo buttercream
  • Lemon buttercream with sour cream

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