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Disaster in Evia: Five dead and two missing from the floods

Five people lost their lives in the floods in Evia, while two others are ignored, announced the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias, after the meeting held under his chairmanship at the town hall of Vasilikos………. Among the victims is an infant 8 months which was released by police from a house in Politika in the presence of the Fire Department and handed over to EKAB. He was taken to hospital by ambulance, which showed the death. Two elderly people from Politika are also dead, while as the deputy minister said the other two lost their lives trying to escape.

Mr.. Hardalias stressed that "it is a difficult day after a difficult night" and referred to the great battle fought by the people of the state mechanism under difficult conditions..

As he pointed out, we are facing phenomena for which we need to give our best to build structures that can deal with them..

The Fire Service continues the operations for the removal of those trapped by the floods in Evia, while the whole mechanism is on alert, as according to EMY the phenomena are expected to continue until noon today, Sunday 9 August.

It is noted that early in the night there was a big mobilization in Evia with the directions of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, while the Fire Brigade was on alert from the previous days due to the forecasts of EMY. However, as competent officers say, the volume of water that fell was too large resulting in large floods.

At the Operations Center of the Fire Brigade, M.. Chrisochoïdis. Meeting under N.. Hardware at the town hall of Vassilika

The Minister of Civil Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, has been at the Operations Center of the Fire Brigade for quite some time now, from where he monitors the actions of the state mechanism for rescue operations in Evia..

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias is already at the town hall of Vassilika, where he holds meetings with the governor, the mayors and leaders of all forces involved in operations in the affected area.

Rescue operations are in full swing

Meanwhile, rescue operations are in full swing in Evia affected by bad weather where so far three human lives have been lost. According to the latest information from the PS., the center of the Fire Service received calls for help and water pumps, in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Dirfion-Messapia (MM. Psachnon and T.K.. Policies) and the Municipality of Chalkida, Evia and mainly in the areas of Bourtzi, Basil, Politics, Lefkandi, Cross, Κοντοδεσπότι, Psachna and Chalkida.

Analytically, the Fire Department has accepted 495 most of which concern water pumps. So far they have been made by vehicles and houses 47 removal of persons who have been transported to a safe place.

also, so far, eight people have been removed by helicopter of the PS from air rescuers of the 1st EMAK. This is a family from Politika

The Fire Brigade is asking the citizens in the areas where the floods occurred, be especially careful, to avoid unnecessary travel and to faithfully follow the instructions of the competent authorities.

Due to the forecasts of EMY, the Fire Brigade calls on the citizens to be especially careful in case of emergencies., to follow the instructions of the competent authorities faithfully.

The bad weather and the problems continue in Evia

"Two men have already been registered dead 85 years old and a woman 86 years left in different houses, they were trapped and lost their lives "says the mayor of Dirfion Messapia, George Psathas, to APE MPE, adding that" we are looking for one more and we hope that the third one will not be dead ".

According to initial estimates, especially in Psachna and Politika most of the houses have been flooded and the rescue efforts continue, through water and mud, while after 8 in the morning the intensity of the rain slowly began to fall and the wave moved further south.

In Politika and Psachna but also in the wider area such as the villages of Steni, Pournos, Caterpillar etc.. there has been huge damage to both houses and infrastructure as well as the road network. The only positive sign is that it has stopped raining.

Earthmoving machines are already working on the main road to Politika to restore traffic.

The releases in Bourtzi and Lefkandi by helicopter

However, this is not the case in the south of Chalkida, where firefighters are unable to reach the houses because the roads are blocked and they asked for reinforcements from a helicopter to start freeing people from the roofs of the houses..

As it became known, a helicopter was deployed and will be there shortly to help, especially in Bourtzi and Lefkandi, as the road network has been damaged and the water does not allow the movement of any car. The only vehicles that have entered the area are earthmoving vehicles provided by the Region, while the rain continues with the consequence that there is no first assessment of the damage it is not possible for the Fire trucks to approach.

EKAB Evia is in maximum operational readiness. The hospitals and the KY of the area are on alert

From the first moment, EKAB Evia has been put on maximum operational readiness and has been preventively reinforced with ambulances from Thebes & Athena. The General Directorate of Chalkida is on alert, the General Staff of Kymi, the KY Psachnon.

The president of EKAB-KEPY and the commander of the 5th RAE are in the area following an order from the Minister of Health.

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